AGM 2020

Please note, the original AGM scheduled for 16th May has been postponed. See

The meeting shall now take place on Saturday 30th May at 1700 on Zoom.

For more information about Zoom, click here (opens in new window).

The Guild AGM is to be held online on Saturday 30th May with the business
meeting scheduled for 5.00pm, although you can join from 4.30pm which will
help you and the organisers to iron out any issues prior to 5.00pm. To enable the routine business to run smoothly in this format we are asking
where possible for matters such as nominations for officers to be notified
in advance and these will be published on the website two days in advance.
The meeting will be based around the Zoom application which many of you will
have used in recent weeks and runs on many types of device. Even if you are
not equipped to run Zoom, you can still join the meeting using any telephone
provided that you have pre-registered.

Registration Instructions for the ODG AGM Webinar

To attend the ODG AGM you will need to pre-register so that we know in
advance who will be there, in addition to ensuring that we shall have a
quorum. YOU CAN REGISTER FROM NOW ONWARDS. Instructions have been sent to Branch secretaries for propagation secretaries for propagation through Tower Correspondents (email title Guild AGM – Saturday 30th May).

When you click on the link in the email you will be presented with a form to fill
in (fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory).

If you are intending to join via phone only, please use the field provided
to supply the telephone number from which you will be calling. This will
help us identify you in the meeting.

If there will be more than one person attending via a single connection,
please provide the names of the additional attenders in the field provided.
Please do not fill in separate registrations for this, as only connected
sessions will be counted as present.

Once you have filled out the appropriate fields, click the ‘Register’
button. You will then be presented with joining instructions which will also
be emailed to you. Please do not delete the email as you will not be able to
join the meeting without using the personalised link included.

I attach a document which describes some connectivity and technical aspects
and also gives details of a test session on the preceding Monday, which you
may like to use if you are unfamiliar with these online meetings.

Agenda and Related Paperwork

You can find these below. The agenda will subsequently be
updated by Thursday 28th May to include the nominations for the officers,
etc. so you might want to print this final version on the final day or two
before the AGM.

I attach a document enabling you to nominate any of the officers. It would
be good if many of you could make nominations. The first nomination that I
receive for a person will go down as the proposer and the second will be
recorded as the seconder. Either return the completed document to me or
email/phone me with your nominations. Also if you wish to make a request for
Any Other Business or to advise us that you wish to raise a query or make a
point on any of the other agenda items, please email or phone me. If you can
do this in advance it will help in the smooth running of the meeting since
the Master can then call upon you at the relevant time during the meeting.


AGM 2020 Agenda & Papers Part 1 v1

AGM 2020 Papers Part 2 (Accounts)

AGM 2020 Officer Nominations v1