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Established January 17 1881


There are 15 branches in the Guild. Hover your mouse over the map below to select a branch. When selected you will be taken directly to the list of tower details on the relevant branch website. Branches have their own web sites, with further clickable links to local information, photos and/or tower contacts.

If you would like to contact a Branch Secretary of any branch you may do so by selecting the link on the Branch list below the Map. The details of the branch secretary will then appear in a new window.

You may also go directly to the list of towers on any branch website by selecting the relevant branch from the list below the map.

There is also a printable map of every tower in the Diocese with 3 or more bells.

For adjacent societies select either their name on the map or on the table below the map.

ODG Branches Map Banbury Bicester Central Bucks Chiltern Chipping Norton East Berks & South Bucks Newbury North Bucks Old North Berks Oxford City Reading Sonning Deanery South Oxfordshire Vale of White Horse Witney & Woodstock MCA & London Diocesan Guild Guildford DG Surrey Association W & P D G Salisbury D G Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Assn Coventry Diocesan Guild Peterborough Diocesan Guild Bedfordshire Association Hertford County Association
Central Buckshttp://www.cbucks.odg.org.uk/wordpress/
Chipping Nortonhttp://chippy.odg.org.uk/
East Berks & South Buckshttp://ebsb.odg.org.uk/
North Buckshttp://www.northbucksbranch.org.uk/
Old North Berkshttp://onb.odg.org.uk/live/towers/index.html
Oxford Cityhttp://www.oxfordcitybranch.org.uk/towers.htm
Sonning Deaneryhttp://odg.org.uk/sdb/towers/
South Oxonhttp://southoxonodg.co.uk/html/towers.html
Vale of the White Horsehttp://www.vowh.org.uk/vowh/towers.aspx
Witney & Woodstockhttp://www.witneyandwoodstock.odg.org.uk/wwTowers1.html

  Adjacent Associations and Diocesan Guilds

Bedfordshire Association.

Guildford Diocesan Guild & Surrey Association

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Coventry Diocesan Guild

Hertford County Association.

Salisbury Diocesan Guild

Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association.

Middx County Association. & London Diocesan Guild

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

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