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Established January 17 1881

Ringers who represented the ODG on the Central Council

The ringers listed below represented the Oxford Diocesan Guild on the Central Council. Additional information is available from the Central Council website by following the links. Thanks are due to John Harrison for compiling the list.

Ringer   Born - died   Represented Oxford DG
on the Central Council
CC biographic record
Barker, Arthur David 1890-1986 1936-1966 Biographic record
Barker, Mrs Gladys Elsie Wihelmina (neé Bateman) 1900-1998 1948-1960 Biographic record
Boreham, Frank Donald 1908-1978 1948-1957 Biographic record
Cocks, Alfred Heneage 1851-1928 1891-1900 Biographic record
Coleridge, Canon George Frederick 1857-1949 1891-1948 Biographic record
Diserens, Noel James 1931-2011 1966-1978 Biographic record
Egglestone, Howard William 1936-2013 1984-1993 Biographic record
Evans, John 1863-1946 1912-1933 Biographic record
Hibbert, Richard Thomas 1869-1946 1933-1936 Biographic record
Hopgood, Frank William 1866-1932 1900-1932 Biographic record
Jenkyn, Revd Cyril Walford Osborn 1874-1933 1906-1933 Biographic record
Lawrenson, Henry 1919-1999 1978-1984
Lock, Albert Edward 1878-1960 1933-1960 Biographic record
Post, Richard Arthur 1914-1991 1936-1948 Biographic record
Price, Frank Courtenay 1933-2005 1966-1972 Biographic record
Robinson, Revd Francis Edward 1833-1910 1891-1910 Biographic record
Routh, William Pole 1848-1931 1903-1906 Biographic record
Walker, Philip 1913-1997 1960-1975 Biographic record
Washbrook, James William 1864-1923 1891-1900 Biographic record
Yates, Walter Ernest 1873-1961 1900-1903 Biographic record

The records above are from the set of nearly 1000 records of the lives of former ringers. Originally these were limited to Central Council members but the CC Biographies Committee is progressively extending them to include other ringers as well. The full set of records is available from the Central Council.