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Established January 17 1881
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SS. Peter & Paul, Steeple Aston, Oxon
Banbury branch of the ODG
SS. Peter  & Paul, Steeple Aston
SS. Peter & Paul, Steeple Aston
Dedication: SS. Peter & Paul, Steeple Aston

Service Ringing: Sun 08.45(1), 10.15(2,3,4)

Practice night: Tue 7.30pm

Availability and Restrictions 1 visiting band a month

The Bells (8) 10-2-4

Access to ringing chamber: 1st floor spiral staircase to balcony. Access via west door.

The following information was taken from the Banbury branch website on 10 March 2004.

The latest date in their bells page is 2 June 2002.

In 1986 six bells were re-tuned, a new cast-iron eight-bell frame installed and the bells were re-hung with new ringing fittings. In 1987 two new bells were added to augment the ring to eight. The Sanctus bell was rehung with new fittings for swing-chiming in a new steel frame by Graham Clifton, Tower Captain.
The inscriptions on the six older bells are taken from F. Sharpe The Church Bells of Oxfordshire. He visited the tower in 1949.

A ring of 8 bells, tenor 10-2-4 diameter 40¾", tuned to F#
Bell Weight
Diameter Strike
Founder Foundry
treble 3-3-20 25¾ F# 1986 Whitechapel London  
2 3-3-25 26¾ E# 1986 Whitechapel London  
3 4-2-8 28¼ D# 1674 Richard Keene Woodstock [Several defaced letters.]
4 4-0-19 29½ C# 1674 Richard Keene Woodstock 1674
5 5-3-2 31¾ B 1700 George Chandler Drayton Parslow WILL WHING GILLS HANWELL C W 1700
6 6-0-5 33¾ A# 1827 Thomas Mears Whitechapel T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1827[Border G11]
7 8-3-6 37 G# 1675 Richard Keene Woodstock HENRY MITCHIL IOHN FOX C W 1675
Tenor 10-2-4 40¾ F# 1879 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel MEARS & STAINBANK, FOUNDERS, LONDON.
W. DURRAN : E. H. KING : 1879
Sanctus 0-3-0 14½   1701 Henry Bagley III Chacombe HENRICVS [P13]BAGLEY [Q2] ME [P15] FECIT 1701

Points of interest in church

A memorial to Richard Duckworth, died 1796, on the south wall of the chancel. He was a fellow of Brasenose College Oxford and wrote Tintinnalogia, or the Art of ringing, 1st published in 1668, reprinted in 1671. He became Rector of Steeple Aston in 1679.
preaching cross
ęKMC Oct 2005 15th century preaching cross just outside the S porch

right: Norman font thought to have been recarved in 17th century when the font cover was made
ęKMC Oct 2005

Memorials inside the church
Page moemorial
ęKMC Oct 2005
Sir Francis Page in his Judge's robes behind his second wife Frances who died in 1730. Monument made by Peter Scheemaker. It is shown at a smaller scale than the one on the right which is that of Richard Duckworth, born ~1630 died 1706, author of Tintinnalogia, or the Art of ringing which was published in 1668 by Fabian Stedman. Richard Duckworth graduated from New Inn Hall, Oxford in 1651; after taking holy orders he became a Fellow of Brasenose College. Formerly Rector of St. Martin's Carfax, where his power to get things done resulted in their bells being recast; he became Rector of Steeple Aston in 1679 where he extended Dr. Radcliffe's school, put the tithes into proper order and improved the church.
Duckworth memorial
ęKMC Oct 2005
Richard Duckworth memorial on south wall of the chancel

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SP476261. Roadside parking.

Eating Places: The Red Lion, Tel: 01869 340225

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