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All Saints, Soulbury, Bucks
Central Bucks branch of the ODG
All Saints, Soulbury
All Saints, SoulburyŠPB 4 Apr 2004
Dedication: All Saints, Soulbury

Practice night: Thu 7.30pm

The Bells (6) 15-0-21 last restored 2000

Access to ringing chamber: Ground floor The following information comes from Peter Hayward of Hayward Mills Associates.

The inscriptions on the 5 old bells and sanctus are from A.H.Cocks page 566.

In 2000 the bellframe was strengthened, the bells rehung with new fittings and a new salley guide frame installed.

A ring of 6; tenor 15-0-21, diameter 43¾”, tuned to E.

Bell Weight
Founder Foundry
treble 6-3-20 31½ C# 1661 Henry Knight II &
Ellis Knight II
Reading ROBERT [border] LOVETT [flower] Esq +66+
H[Shield K3]K
2 6-1-21 33¼ B 1697 Chandler family Drayton Parslow CHNDLER MADE ME 1697
3 7-3-0 34¾ A 1936 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel  
4 10-2-4 38½ G# c 1450 Unknown Wokingham [Cross F4] Sancta Martine Ora Pro Nobis [Lion’s head F2] [Coin Q3]
5 12-0-18 40½ F# c 1450 Unknown Wokingham [Cross F4] Sancta Margareta Ora Pro Nobis [Lion’s head F2] [Coin Q3]
tenor 15-0-21 43¾ E 1592 Bartholomew Atton Buckingham [Cross G6] FRAVNCES [Sprig P4] [G6] [P4] [Cross D13]   [Shield W66]   LOVEVET   [G6] [D13] [P4] 1592 [D13] [Saltire + Cross M5] A [M5] [D13] [P4]
sanctus   151/8   1714 Richard Chandler III Drayton Parslow R C MADE ME 1714


  1. The old 3rd bell was very similar to the current treble but Cocks reports (1897) “is cracked, a large piece broken out of the lip”.
  2. The “N” in “FRAVNCES” on the tenor is reversed.
  3. The script on bells 4 and 5 is Gothic with crowned capitals.
  4. The border and small flower on the treble are reproduced below from Cocks Plate XXII:
dragon and oak leaf border
four petal rose

From the Guide book to Soulbury

The tower dates from Tudor times. Extensive restoration to stabilize the stone-work and roof of the church started in 1995 and continued for 5 years. This was followed by the removal and recasting of the 6 main bells. With the bells removed, the bell frame and tower were strengthened and the two held together with steel joists. The bells were returned and fitted to the original bell frame, some of which is made of ancient ships’ timbers, at the beginning of 2000. The restoration was by Hayward Mills Associates. The ringing of the bells of Soulbury started in May 2000, the first time in living memory and continues with the bell ringing team weekly and at most services.


Church facilities: toilet

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SP882271. Sufficient space to park.

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