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Established January 17 1881
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St. Nicholas, Chadlington, Oxon
Chipping Norton branch of the ODG
St. Nicholas, Chadlington
St. Nicholas, Chadlington
Dedication: St. Nicholas, Chadlington

Service Ringing: Sun variable (with Spelsbury)

Practice night: Mon 7.30pm(1st)

Availability and Restrictions restoration pending (2004)

The Bells (6) 11-0-0#

Access to ringing chamber: through church.

The following information comes from the Chipping Norton website.

Chadlington has a population of approximately 900 and is located in Evenlode Valley, four miles south west of Chipping Norton.

The church was first mentioned in the Eynsham Abbey rolls of 1197, which contain a reference to the "chapels of Chadlington and Shorthampton". A round arch in the north wall of the nave is Saxon and pointed arches in the naves are in the early English style (1190 - 1275). The rounded arch of the south door and some of the windows in the south aisle are of the traditional style (1150 - 1190).

The following information comes from F. Sharpe The Church Bells of Oxfordshire. He last visited the tower in 1948.

Frame: cast-iron side pattern.
Gear: Rolled-steel headstocks, Plate gudgeons, Plain brass bearings.

A ring of 6; tenor 11-0-0#, diameter 39”, tuned to G
Bell Diameter Strike
Founder Foundry
Treble 4-0-0# E 1796 Robert &
James Wells
Aldbourne ROBERT & JAMES WELLS ALDBOURNE WILTS FECIT 1796 [Border H10 and .:. alternating]
2 4-1-0# D 1714 Abraham
Rudhall I
Gloucester LET US RING MERRILY [D10] A : R [bell] 1714 [Border D2]
3 5-2-0# C 1714 Abraham
Rudhall I
Gloucester GOD PRESERVE THE QVEEN [Border C5] A : R [bell] 1714 [Border C5]
4 6-2-0# B 1911 Henry Bond Burford PEACE AND GOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD. A.R. 1714
5 8-0-0# A 1846 William
Oxford [cross]W. Taylor Oxford Fecit Ano Dni M.dccc.xl.vi.
Tenor 11-0-0# G 1846 William
Oxford [cross]Revd. Thomas Silber D.C.L. Vicar Ano Dni M.dccc.xl.vi.


This text is in Gothic script

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