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Established January 17 1881
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St. Mary, Salford, Oxon
Chipping Norton branch of the ODG
St. Mary, Salford
St. Mary, Salford©BJC December 2004
Dedication: St. Mary, Salford

Service Ringing: Sun (variable)

Practice night: Mon 7.30pm (alt with Chastleton & Little Compton)

The Bells (5) 6-2-27

The following information comes from Andrew Bull . The inscriptions are taken from F. Sharpe The Church Bells of Oxfordshire. He visited the tower in 1949.

Frame: Metal, lowside.
Gear: canon-retaining headstocks, Fixed steel gudgeons, Self-aligning ball-bearings, Traditional English-type wheels, Traditional stays.
White’s of Appleton 1990.

A ring of 5, tenor 6-2-27, diameter 34½", tuned to A
Bell Weight
Diameter Strike
Founder Foundry
Treble 3-2-7 25¾ E 1687 Henry & Matthew Bagley Chacombe [Border U7 all round bell]
[Border A9 all round bell]
[Nine coins]
2 3-3-0 27 D 1687 Henry & Matthew Bagley Chacombe HENRY [A9] BAGLY [A9] MADE [A9] MEE [A9] 1687 [A9]
3 4-1-26 28½ C# 1687 Henry & Matthew Bagley Chacombe [Border A9 all round bell]
MATTHEW [A9] BAGLEY [A9] MADE [A9] MEE [A9] 1687 [A9]
4 5-0-15 31 B 1687 Henry & Matthew Bagley Chacombe [Border A9 all round bell]
GOD [V13] SAVE [V13] THE [V13] KING [V13] 1687 [V13]
[Two coins] [Seven coins]
Tenor 6-2-27 34¼ A 1687 Henry & Matthew Bagley Chacombe IOHN [U12] WHEELER [U12] AND [U12] RICHARD [U12] PHILLPS [U12] CHVRCHWARDENS [A9] 1687 [U12]
[Border U7 all round bell]
[Seven coins]


The D is inscribed in reverse

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SP286281.

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