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Established January 17 1881
St. Mary the Virgin, Farnham Royal, Bucks
East Berks & South Bucks branch of the ODG
St. Mary the Virgin, Farnham Royal
St. Mary the Virgin, Farnham Royal ©BM 24 Nov 2003
Dedication: St. Mary the Virgin, Farnham Royal

Service Ringing: No

Practice night: No practice

Availability and Restrictions: Visitors but no peals nor quarters.

The Bells (8) 12-1-16. One clock hammer to pull off.

Access to ringing chamber: 50 steps

The following information comes from "Among The Bells" by F.E.Robinson sent to us by Andrew Bull . The inscriptions are from A.H.Cocks The Church Bells of Buckinghamshire, page 385.

A ring of 8, tenor 12-1-16, diameter 40½”, tuned to F#
Bell Weight
Diameter Date
Founder Foundry
Treble 4-1-0 25 1900 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel  
2 4-2-23 26¾ 1900 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel  
3 4-3-21 28½ 1898 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel  
4 5-1-26 29½ 1752 Lester & Pack Whitechapel THOSS LESTER & T : OF LONDON MADE US ALL J752
(underneath, incised: ) 5=J=J8
5 6-0-19 32 1876 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel MEARS & STAINBANK, FOUNDERS, LONDON, 1876
6 7-1-9 34 1876 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel MEARS & STAINBANK, FOUNDERS, LONDON, 1876
7 8-2-5 37 1898 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel  
Tenor 12-1-16 40½ 1752 Lester & Pack Whitechapel THOMAS LESTR & THOSS PACK : OF LONDON FECIT J752
(underneath, incised: ) J2=J=J6


  1. The tower was built in 1876 and the bells hung in it by Mears & Stainbank (A.H.Cocks page 385)
The Architecture:

The grave of J.J.Parker is in the churchyard. The Ringing World, December 31, 2004 page 1252 published an article by Graham Firman describing the restoration of J.J.Parker's grave in Farnham Royal. On 5 December 2004 local parishioners and branch members attended a rededication service around the restored grave. During the service handbells were rung, (Grandsire Triples of course)

He composed 'Parker's Twelve Part' Peal Composition for Grandsire Triples.

The Clock: The clock was made by Gillett and Johnston in 1891. There is one hammer to pull off.

Points of interest in church: J.J.Parker's Grave is in the churchyard, it was restored in 2004 as part of the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the founding of the EBSB branch.

Church facilities: Toilet

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SU962827

Eating Places: Dukes Head, Farnham Royal

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