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Established January 17 1881
All Saints, Great Marlow, Bucks
East Berks & South Bucks branch of the ODG
All Saints, Great Marlow
All Saints, Great Marlow ©PB 5 Apr 2004
Dedication: All Saints, Great Marlow

Service Ringing: Sun 9.00, 6.00pm.

Practice night: Tue 7.30pm

Availability and Restrictions On request. Peals are very difficult.

The Bells (8) 15-0-3

Access to ringing chamber: Separate door from main church access. There are 44 steps up a rather narrow spiral staircase to our first floor ringing chamber.

There has been a church on this site since before 1070. We know for certain that by 1593, the building had a wooden tower with four bells and these were increased to five by 1610. In 1719 these five bells were recast into six. Three of these six exist in our present ring of eight bells. In 1834, when the present church was under construction, the six bells from the old building were installed and augmented to eight by the addition of a new treble and tenor. In 1934, all eight bells were retuned and rehung on ball bearings.

A ring of 6; tenor 15-0-3, diameter 44¾”, tuned to F
Bell Weight
Diameter Strike
Founder Foundry
treble 5-0-7 29 F 1834 Thomas Mears II Whitechapel THOMAS MEARS OF LONDON FOUNDER 1834.
2 4-2-16 28½ E 1827 Thomas Mears II Whitechapel [Border G11] T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1827. [Border G11]
3 4-3-7 29 D 1934 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel  
4 6-1-4 31¼ C 1719 Richard Phelps Whitechapel R: PHELPS FECIT 1719
5 7-0-1 33¼ Bb 1719 Richard Phelps Whitechapel R: PHELPS FECIT 1719
6 8-2-16 36½ A 1719 Richard Phelps Whitechapel R: PHELPS FECIT 1719
7 9-3-8 40½ G 1978 Whitechapel London  
tenor 15-0-3 44¾ F 1834 Thomas Mears II Whitechapel THOMAS MEARS OF LONDON FOUNDER 1834.


  1. The eight first rang together on 25th February 1835 and the first peal was rung on 5th June 1843.
  2. In 1719 Richard Phelps cast a ring of six. A tenor and treble were added in 1834. The old seventh weighed 11-3-22 and had diameter 40". (Thanks to Chris Pickford for the data on bell weights and diameters which were copied from a tower notice.)
  3. The inscriptions and foundry information on the older bells come from A.H. Cocks The Church Bells of Buckinghamshire, page 464.
Church facilities: The ringers don’t keep a key to the toilet in the church which is available when the church is open only: during ‘Church watch’ 11.00-15.00 each day. Public toilet about 100 yards away.

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SU851861

Local points of interest for non ringers: The pub The Compleat Angler – with reference to Izaac Walton; the Suspension bridge is one of two in existence. It is the prototype for a larger version between Buda and Pest. Plaque on the bridge about this. There is a tourist office in the High Street.

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