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Established January 17 1881
St. Mary, Hitcham, Bucks
East Berks & South Bucks branch of the ODG
St. Mary, Hitcham
St. Mary, Hitcham ©BM 07 Mar 2005
Dedication: St. Mary, Hitcham

Service Ringing: Sun 10.15

Practice night: Wed 7.00-8.00pm

The Bells (6) 6-0-11

Access to ringing chamber: Ground floor

The following information comes from A.H.Cocks The Church Bells of Buckinghamshire, page 421. There were only three bells in 1987 when the book was published; the second of these is a listed bell but is no longer used.

A ring of 6, tenor 6-0-11, diameter 27¾”
Bell Weight
Diameter Date
Founder Foundry
4 23 1755 Thomas Swain Longford HEY. COLESELL CHURCH. WARDEN. THO SWAIN FESET J755
5 25 1778 John Saunders Reading [Shield N2] sancte [Stop E13] petre [E13]
Tenor 27¾ 1755 Thomas Swain Longford THOMAS SWAIN J755


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