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Established January 17 1881

Activities of Masters of the ODG

This page is intended to show individual Masters in action around the Guild events.
(Please send us your photographs and/or stories to add to it).

Pictures here:

  Bill Butler tutor
©KMC 14 Sep 2003
Bill Butler tutor to the Bob Doubles Group at the Easthampstead Course in September 2003.

  Graham Clifton with model bell model bell up
©KMC 14 Sep 2003

Graham Clifton explaining the mysteries of bell hanging at the Easthampstead Course in September 2003. There are two pulley wheels in left of picture, one blue plastic, one wooden. The right hand picture shows the bell up and gives a better view of the headstock and strapping.

The model bell in its frame was a bequest from Mrs C.W.O.Jenkyn to the Guild, probably made by her husband. The bell weighs about 20 pounds. It rests in plain bearings in a frame approximately 24 by 12 inches. The current Master of the Guild is responsible for it and it is passed to each successive holder of the office.

  Pat Newton
©KMC 13 Apr 2002
Pat Newton selling educational booklets at the Radley Course in April 2002.

  John Wells
©KMC 13 Sep 2002

John Wells in Sunningwell ringing chamber tutor to the Bob Doubles Groups at the Easthampstead Course in September 2002.

Ringing chamber
©KMC 20 Sep 2003

In the ringing chamber at All Saints in Faringdon is a clock by Messrs. Smith and Sons of Derby and a modern carillon machine which plays a hymn tune on the bells every three hours, commencing at 6.00 am and finishing at 9.00 pm. The mechanism must be wound daily.

Jon Chamberlain, elected Master of the ODG in 2005, is holding the ladder and talking to one of the identical twins named Leslie who both ring in the Vale of the White Horse Branch.

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