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Established January 17 1881
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St. Mary, Shaw-cum-Donnington, Berks
Newbury branch of the ODG
St. Mary, Shaw-cum-Donnington
St. Mary, Shaw-cum-Donnington
Dedication: St. Mary, Shaw-cum-Donnington

Service Ringing: Sun 9.30 (3) By arrangement

Practice night: Fri 7.30pm By arrangement

The Bells (6) 7-0-12

Access to ringing chamber: Ground floor

The following information comes from F.Sharpe The Church Bells of Berkshire. He visited the tower in 1946.

Frame: two tier steel (1,2 above).
Gear: Cast iron headstock(1), Elm headstocks(2-6), Plate gudgeons, Plain brass bearings, Traditional English-type wheels,Traditional stays.
Tenor now 7-0-12.

A ring of 6, tenor 7-2-0#, tuned to A
Bell Weight
Founder Foundry
Treble 3-2-1 F# 1925 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel MEARS & STAINBANK, FOUNDERS, LONDON. 1925. [Whitechapel Foundry mark]
2 3-3-0# E 1902 John Warner & Sons London CAST BY JOHN WARNER & SONS LTD., LONDON.
A.D. 1902.
3 4-2-0# D 1878 John Warner & Sons London CAST BY JOHN WARNER & SONS LONDON 1878.
4 5-0-0# C# 1540# John Sanders Reading [Chertsey Arms Fig 7] sanc ta an na ora pro no bis
5 6-1-0# B 1631 Ellis Knight I Reading FEAR GOD X63X
Tenor 7-2-0# A 1878 John Warner & Sons London RECAST BY JOHN WARNER & SONS LONDON 1878


  1. The tenor weight of 7-0-12 comes from the Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers’ Annual Report, 2005

Shaw House is the largest Elizabethan mansion in Berkshire.

Shaw House
Shaw House KMC 12 Sep 2004

It was built in 1581 for Thomas Dolman, a wealthy clothier. King Charles I is said to have slept there after the second Battle of Newbury during the Civil War in October 1644.

It has had a varied career since then; most recently it was a school.

In 2005 it was bought by the Newbury District Council which has a project partially funded by the National Lottery to restore the House and promote tourism in the area.

Church facilities: Toilet in church rooms

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SU475683 - Public car park

Local points of interest for non ringers:

Continue on past the church to find the largest Elizabethan mansion in Berkshire, Shaw House, built in 1581, for a wealthy clothier, Thomas Dolman.

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