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Established January 17 1881
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St. Michael, Aston Tirrold, Oxon
Old North Berks branch of the ODG
St. Michael, Aston Tirrold
St. Michael, Aston Tirrold ©KMC 1 Jan 2004
Dedication: St. Michael, Aston Tirrold

Service Ringing: Sun by arrangement

Practice night: by arrangement

The Bells (6) 11-3-23

  • Audibility: 4 - (On a scale of 1 to 5, 1=faint 5=very loud)
Access to ringing chamber: 4 steps up to external door then 20 wooden steps up spiral staircase

The following information comes from Andrew Bull
The inscriptions come from F. Sharpe The Church Bells of Berkshire.He visited the tower in 1939.
Now rehung and retuned by Whites of Appleton ~1980.

A ring of 6, tenor 13-0-0#, diameter 42”, tuned to F#
Bell Weight
Founder Foundry
Treble 4-0-9 D# 1937 Mears & Stainbank Whitechapel TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION OF KING GEORGE VI. 1937.
MEARS & STAINBANK, FOUNDERS, LONDON. [Whitechapel foundry mark]
2 5-0-0# C# 1603 Joseph Carter Reading This [Fig 7] Bell [Fig 7] was [Fig 7] made 1603 J [D5] C. :::::::::::::: [E2 twice]
3 6-0-0# B 1550# Wokingham foundry Wokingham See below
4 7-1-0# A# 1617 Henry Knight I Reading HENRX KNXGHT MADE MEE ANO X6X7 HL WC [Cross]
5 10-0-0# G# 1639 Henry Knight I Reading LOVE GOD 1639
Tenor 13-0-0# F# 1760# Lester & Pack Whitechapel [Fig 14]

  1. The tenor weight of 11-3-23 comes from the Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers’ Annual Report, 2005.
  2. The inscription on the second is in gothic lettering.
  3. The inscription on the third is reproduced below.
3rd inscr.
The inscription on the third bell.
F. Sharpe The Church Bells of Berkshire page 52

The Clock and Sundial
2 sundials
Both images © KMC Apr 2006
Above: the clock mechanism, now electrically wound.

Left: the pair of sundials on the SW corner of the tower.

Travel Details: OS Grid Ref: SU557861

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