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Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers 10 bell striking Competition

 25th November 2017

This year’s competition was hosted by the North Bucks Branch at Olney – a lovely 24cwt ring, augmented from 8 in 2009. The test piece was 240 of Stedman caters. As the judges later pointed out, this was a relatively straightforward test piece to call, but challenged all the bands on their striking.  Six of the 15 Branches in the Guild entered teams, and the local ringers at Olney did us proud with a marvellous “ringers breakfast” and a constant supply of tea and coffee throughout the morning. Thank you to the Olney ringers, and also to Tony Crabtree, the Guild Deputy Ringing Master who organised the morning, which went very smoothly.  The judges were Alison and Roy Williams, from Worcestershire, who braved a room without the benefit of heating, and with the windows open in order to hear the ringing clearly on what was the coldest day of winter so far.

The six teams who entered were Banbury, East Berks and South Bucks (EBSB), Vale of the White Horse, (VOWH), Reading, Newbury and Old North Berks (ONB). Two teams did not complete the piece – Reading and VOWH, leaving four teams to wait for the judges deliberations. Roy and Alison did not keep people waiting long, and everyone gathered to hear their comments and the results. Roy said the touch had needed lots of precision, with their being many challenges in the piece and several teams struggling with bells 8 and 9 dodging in 4/5. Alison then gave individual team feedback:

Banbury – The little bells were bunching at times, and sometimes there was some fast leading, the majority of faults were picked up in the middle, but it settled well in the second part. Peal speed 3hr 27.

EBSB – It settled quickly, but a lot of faults were picked up on leading.  The ringing was generally consistent but slowed a little towards the end. Peal speed 3hr 23.

VOWH -  Did not complete,  and struggled to settle, but a good effort.  Peal speed 3hr 21.

Reading – Did not complete.  Had a very steady start and the backstroke leads were very good, very pleasant to listen to.  Peal speed 3hr 30.

Newbury – Faults were mainly picked up from the heavier bells rushing a little. A good effort. Peal speed 3hr 19.

ONB – The practice time had been used wisely as the test piece settled quickly. There was a good consistent speed although all bells led a little quickly.  Overall very good. Peal speed 3hr 29.

Alison then gave the scores:

Banbury – 112.5 faults

EBSB – 91.5 faults

Newbury – 129 faults

ONB – 68 faults.

Congratulations were given to the team from ONB, who were particularly happy as they had not won the 10 bell competition before, and the trophy was presented to Tim Pett, the conductor.

Thank you to everyone who made the competition such a success and we look forward to seeing the competitors again next year.

Lindsay Powell

Tim Pett receives the trophy on behalf of the Old north Berks Team.

The winning team from Old North Berks –  anticlockwise in ringing order from front left – Gillian Loyd, Josie Irving, Mary Friskney, Malcolm Fairbairn, Chris Tuckett, Brian Read, Stuart Gibson, Tim Pett (c), Isaac O’Shea, Richard Loyd.



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