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At the 2013 A.G.M. in February I was elected as Training Officer for the Branch.

During recent years a number of training programmes have been held and were well received by the participants. If anyone in your tower wishes to receive any form of training please ask them to get in touch with me.

If you are interested please ask your tower secreatry or captain to complete the Application Form here and send it in to me either via email or snail mail by the requested date.

I hope this is of help to some of you. If you need help in your tower please let me know: there is a wealth of experience in the Branch but we cannot help if we're not asked.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Osborne - 01189425876 E-mail:

Further details will be published in due course via Posters or contact Ann for any up to date information.

Branch Training Introduction.

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Training is probably the single most important aspect of the work of the Branch.  It is partly achieved through the regular Branch Practices, but the rôle of the Training Officer enables a more focussed and responsive approach to be taken.  The generous support for training activities from a number of experienced ringers, together with the presence of two CCCBR-recognized Ringing Centres in the Branch (plus other well-equipped towers), helps the Training Officer to achieve progress year upon year.
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 Identifying Needs

A survey is normally conducted every few years to ascertain the training needs of Branch Members.  The analysis of the survey responses can be very useful:
  • statistical trends can be observed
  • names of interested individuals can be noted for subsequent follow-up
  • feedback can highlight new areas for consideration.
Training needs can be summarised under the following headings.
  • Basic Skills:
    • Bell handling and ringing up & down solo
    • Ringing up & down in peal
    • Tenor covering
    • Ropesight
    • Listening & improving striking - basic and more advanced.
  • Methods to learn - various, including:
    • Plain Bob / Grandsire
    • Stedman
    • Surprise Minor / Major.
  • Methods to practise - various, including:
    • Plain Hunt
    • Plain Bob / Grandsire
    • Stedman
    • Higher numbers methods.
  • Management Skills:
    • Calling & conducting - call changes & simple touches
    • Developing conducting skills
    • Tower maintenance
    • Tower management, recruitment & retention.
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 Customised Courses

A training programme is drawn up after each survey and revised annually, taking care to avoid clashes with similar events organised by the Guild or neighbouring Branches.  Specific training events can include the following:
  • One-off sessions
  • Short series of weekly sessions
  • Summer School - 2 or 3 consecutive days concentrated training
  • Youth practices.
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 Support to Towers

From time to time, towers may lose some of their regular ringers, such that it can be difficult to sustain Sunday service ringing and to make progress during tower practices.  At the other end of the scale, recruitment campaigns in towers may be so successful that the number of learners poses difficulties for the tower to handle.  In either case, the Branch can sometimes play a part in mobilising neighbouring Branch Members to give extra support to the tower band for a period, until the situation stabilises.  This may involve ringers augmenting the band temporarily, or inviting the band to have additional
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 Guild-organized Training

There are a number of regular Guild events in the area which are normally strongly supported by the Branch Members.  Please check the Guild website for further details (see Links page).
  • ODG Radley Course - one-day course on 1st or 2nd Saturday in April
  • ODG Easthampstead Course - 3-day residential course in mid-late September (subject to affordability)
  • ODG Advanced Training Day - one-day course in mid-late September (in lieu of Easthampstead Course)
  • ODG Steeple Aston Course - one-day course in late October (not in recent years).
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