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The future of change ringing

You may be aware of debate about the future of change ringing, prompted by concerns about struggling bands, the lack of young ringers, and the increasing age of most current ringers. There was a conference at Wellesbourne last November, and more discussion at the Central Council meeting in May.

The Council has asked territorial ringing societies to review training and recruitment in their areas, both the current situation and their future aspirations, which will give valuable insights into local activities and needs. The Council then intends to structure its activities towards supporting practical work at ground level.

The Council’s paper  contains several questions. These are directed towards ringing societies, and the Guild will be co-ordinating a response, but since the Guild operates mainly as a federation of branches, we (Sonning Deanery Branch) have been asked to contribute.

The officers can readily answer the questions about what currently happens, but aspirations for what the Branch should do in future need to be based on what we all, as members, believe we need. 'Business as normal' is unlikely to lead to much improvement, so we should try to be more ambitious. Whatever ideas we come up with, we will need to make them happen, but we can call upon support if we need it, for example from the Guild, The Central Council or the Ringing Foundation).

So please think about how we could make a significant improvement to ringing within the Branch, and let us know your thoughts (see contact details ).

This topic will be discussed at the Branch Committee meeting  on 17 November, to which all towers should send a representative. The Guild needs our response the following week, to collate it with responses from other branches and Guild committees.

If you haven't already done so, please complete the survey about your representation at the Branch Committee meeting .

John Harrison (Training Co-ordinator)

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