AGM 2021

The agenda will subsequently be updated by Thursday 13th May to include the nominations for the officers, etc. so you might want to print this final version on the final day or two before the AGM.

The Guild AGM is to be held online on Saturday 15th May with the business meeting scheduled for 5.00pm, although you can join from 4.30pm which will help you and the organisers to iron out any issues prior to 5.00pm. To enable the routine business to run smoothly in this format we are asking where possible for matters such as nominations for officers to be notified in advance and these will be published on the website two days in advance. The meeting will be based around the Zoom application which many of you will have used in recent weeks and runs on many types of device.

Instructions for the ODG 2021 AGM

AGM Agenda and Papers Part 1 updated 28Apr2021

AGM Papers Part 2 (Accounts)

Please nominate for the Guild Officers – see this spreadsheet or email me:

AGM 2021 Officer Nominations v1

Ken Darvill – Hon General Secretary

01494 713217 –