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The Guild has a wealth of information that has been collected over the last 100 years. Most of this information is available to view by contacting the Guild Librarian. However we do hope as time passes to place some of this information online for all members to see. Please bear with us whilst we sort the details out.

Rules of the ODG Provides the rules of the ODG and Branches as agreed at the 2016 AGM.
Guild striking competitions rules Provides the rules of the ODG Striking Competitions
Guide for Branch Secretaries Guidance for branch secretaries.
Guide for Branch Secretaries Guidance for branch secretaries
(as above) in a form suitable for printing.
Guide on differences between Odd Bob and Annual Report Guidance for contributors to Odd
Bob and the Annual Report on the differences between the two publications.
Becoming a Ringer Describes and dispells some myths about learning to ring
Safeguarding Policy Documents relating to Safeguarding and the Guild
Data Protection Policy How it might affect you and the Guild
Insurance Details Provide information on the Personal Accident Policy that the ODG has for members
Guild 15 Year Plan Provides simple diagram and list of the venues for events over the next 15 years
Recruitment and Retention Provides some information on how to recruit and retain ringers
Tower Maintenance Award Scheme Provides information on how to get your tower inspected for a maintenance award.
Towers and Belfries Sub-Committee Reports Various Reports and Technical Notes
Education Sub-Committee Provides some information on the Education Sub-Committee.
Educational Leaflets Allows you to download and print your own copy of the Educational leaflets from the Education Sub-Committee.
Diocesan Bell Fund Donation form
Guild Restoration Fund Donation form
Distinguished Membership Nomination Form Nomination form for Distinguished Membership
Central Council’s framework for training ringers The framework provides a starting point for a systematic approach to training your band. Its headings cover all aspects of training, and the statements under each heading describe objectives that good practice will achieve
Guide for those newly elected to the Guild General Committee This short guide offers some helpful guidance to those new to the guild general committee, for example branch representatives.

Discussion Items at Guild Committee

Nov 2015What could you offer to arrange for your own branch together with another branch? What would you appreciated being invited to another branch to join in with?

March 2015 Recruitment and Retention of ringers
Mar 2016 Good striking and bell handling. As a branch, what do you do to identify and tackle handling issues among your members? WHat branch activities, if any, do you have to improve sriking?
March 2017 The Guild Festival

Archived Information

Copies of ODD Bob Provides access to the last few copies of the ODD Bob Newsletter
Striking Competition Results Provides a listing of the striking competition results from the last few years
Exhibition Material: Arranging an exhibition or open day? There are lots of suitable pictures available to download and print from the Central Council website. Exhibition stands which are free-standing, triple-fold and comprise six panels 600mm wide by 1 metre high are available for loan.
They are contained in carrying bags and are easily transported by car.
Contact the

for more information.
ODG Statistics Statistical Information – as at March 2003
Guild Library Catalogue Catalogue of books in the Guild library
Guild Bell Fund Reports Where grants were made to towers in the Guild
Guild Restoration Fund Reports Reports from the managing trustees
Guild 125th Anniversary celebrations Lists the documents relating to the Guild 125th Anniversary


Online (linked) Information

Anthem for the dedication of bells Free for use by bellringers in the Oxford Diocesan Guild, a musical score for bellringer