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If you are unsure where to find something, or you feel something is missing, please take a look at these FAQs as the answer to your question may be found here. If not, please contact the relevant officer or webmaster.

Can I place an advert on your website?

Generally speaking, we do not place adverts on the website. There may however be exceptions where it is deemed mutually beneficial and/or appropriate to place an advert on the website. The decision as to whether to place an advert on the website is at the discression of the appropriate Guild Officers.

My internet browser tells me that a page cannot be found. Why?

It may be that you are using a bookmark from the old website, in which case, the bookmark will need updating.

It is also possible that your browser has cached (stored locally) some content from the old site. If this is the case, deleting cached content should solve the problem.

There are things missing from the website. Why?

We are developing the new website ourselves. This takes time and is being done by volunteers in their spare time. As such, we are adopting an agile approach. This means that as time goes on, more and more information and features will become available. We very much appreciate your patience while we do this.

This is a new website. Why is so much of the information available so old/look so dated?

Part of the process of developing the new website involves modernising various documents, some of which are over 30 years old. Making these fit for use in the digital age can be a time consuming process. Rather than have the information unavailable, we have provided it in its original form, and will gradually modernise. Please remember this is being done by volunteers in their spare time.

Why are Branch events not shown in the diary?

In order to ensure our diary remains accurate and up-to-date, we show only Guild events. We encourage you to check the branch websites for the latest information and events taking place in each branch.

The old website contained more information about the individual branches and towers. Why is this not available on the new site?

Keeping information on 200+ towers is time consuming, and problems can arrise when information is stored in two places. We strongly encourage you to visit the relevant branch website for this kind of information.

I came here expecting to find <insert something here>,  but I could not. Why?

If you feel there is something missing on the website that you would find useful, please contact the webmaster.

There is some incorrect information on the site. Who should I inform?

In the first instance, the webmaster can update the information. If you would simply like to query it, please contact the relevant officer.

I submitted some photos for use on the site. Why have they not been used?

All guild members were asked to submit colourful photos of all manner of ringing-related activities. Those of sufficient resolution and colour contrasts have been used. Unfortunately, not all photos are of suitable resolution, colour, or aspect ratio. We were very keen to use photos with people in them too. Where photos have been provided, the sender was asked to verify that they can be used on the site. If there is a photo used that you feel should not be, please contact the webmaster.