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Towers and Belfries


The Towers and Belfries Committee volunteers provide advice and practical assistance to towers on their bell installations and associated matters including:-

  1. Maintenance, minor improvements, restoration and rehanging including finding volunteer helpers
  2. Belfry safety matters
  3. Publications and technical notes
  4. Rope splicing
  5. Tower & Belfry inspections
  6. Inspecting Oxford Diocesan Bell Fund  grant schemes.
  7. Running tower, belfry and rope maintenance training courses
  8. ODG Tower Maintenance Award scheme and certificates.
  9. Exchanging redundant bells information between ODG, CCCBR and others
  10. Tower Maintenance Award Scheme – December 2021
Odd Bob report (TMA) - October 2021 (002)
  • Video clip taken on a recent T&B Maintenance Course – Note that the people in the belfry were at a safe distance and in no danger from the swinging bell. All the other bells were down.

The Stewardship & Management – CCCBR page of the CCCBR website has lots of advice on tower infrastructure, tower operation and major projects.

  • The committee’s terms of reference can be found here
  • To contact the committee, please email the Chairman or Secretary.
  • Meet the team
    Tony Crabtree
    Anthony Williamson
    Katie Lane
    Team Member (Ex Officio - Guild Master)
    Ken Darvill
    Team Member (Ex Officio - Guild General Secretary)
    Stuart Gibson
    Team Member (Ex Officio - Guild Treasurer)
    David Bardwell
    Team Member
    Chris Potter
    Team Member
    Philip Dobson
    Team Member
    Andy Slater
    Team Member
    Len Palfrey
    Team Member
    Graham Clifton
    Team Member
    John Davidge
    Team Member
    Alan Marchbank
    Team Member
    Steve Vickars
    Team Member
    Philip Roberts
    Team Member
    Mark Curnow
    Team Member