Towers (List)


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GF=Ground Floor; T=Toilet; T(O)=Toilet outside; T(C.H.)=Toilet in Church Hall; K=Kitchen; MR=Meeting Room; U/R=Unringable; S=Steel bells; AC=Anti-clockwise ring.

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ODG Towers 01-12-2021v4

Tower Dedication Bells Weight Tenor Key Location Notes Dove's Guide Branch Branch Link
Abingdon St Nicolas 6 07-1-18 B♭ OX14 3ER Old North Berks
Abingdon St Helen 10 16-0-5 F OX14 5EH Old North Berks
Adderbury St Mary 8 24-0-14 D OX17 3LT T. Banbury
Addington St Mary 3 U/R 06 cwt B♭ MK18 2JR Central Bucks
Aldermaston St Mary the Virgin 8 10-2-14 G RG7 4HR Newbury
Aldworth St Mary the Virgin 3 09-1-22 A♭ RG8 9SB T. Newbury
Alvescot St Peter 6 09-0-20 A OX18 2PT GF. W&W
Ambrosden St Mary the Virgin 8 20-1-6 E OX25 2UJ T. Bicester
Amersham St Mary the Virgin 12 19-0-6 E HP7 0DE T. EBSB
Appleford St Peter & St Paul 6 U/R 08 cwt A OX14 4QE Old North Berks
Appleton White’s 12 01-2-16 B♭ OX13 5JJ Old North Berks
Appleton St Laurence 10 13-0-10 E OX13 5JU T. Old North Berks
Arborfield St Bartholomew 6 11-2-24 G RG2 9JA T. Sonning Deanery
Ardington Holy Trinity 6 U/R 06-1-25 A OX12 8QA Old North Berks
Ascott under Wychwood Holy Trinity 6 07½ cwt A OX7 6AZ Chipping Norton
Ashbury St Mary the Virgin 6 13-2-0 F♯ SN6 8LZ AC. VOWH
Ashendon St Mary 3 U/R 05 cwt B HP18 0HX Central Bucks
Asthall St Nicholas 6 06-0-10 B OX18 4HW Chipping Norton
Aston St James 6 12-2-11 G OX18 2DU GF. W&W
Aston Abbotts St James the Great 6 06-2-27 G HP22 4NB Central Bucks
Aston Clinton St Michael & All Angels 10 11-1-10 F♯ HP22 5HJ K,T(O). Chiltern
Aston Rowant St Peter & St Paul 6 12-3-20 F♯ OX49 5SR South Oxon
Aston Tirrold St Michael 6 11-2-23 F♯ OX11 9DJ Old North Berks
Aylesbury St Mary the Virgin 8 21-2-12 E♭ HP20 2QZ Central Bucks
Bampton St Mary the Virgin 8 23-0-4 D OX18 2LW W&W
Banbury St Mary 10 17-0-9 E OX16 0AA T. Banbury
Barkham St James 4 03-2-13 C RG40 4PL Sonning Deanery
Beachampton Assumption of BVM 5 08-0-27 A♭ MK19 6DT GF. North Bucks
Beaconsfield St Mary and All Saints 8 19-1-20 E♭ HP9 1ND EBSB
Beckley Assumption of BVM 5 U/R 11-1-13 F♯ OX3 9US Oxford City
Beedon St Nicholas 6 06¼ cwt B RG20 8SW Newbury
Beenham St Mary 6 09-2-23 A RG7 5NL Newbury
Benson St Helen 8 14-1-22 F♯ OX10 6SF T. South Oxon
Berrick Salome St Helen 6 07-1-13 B♭ OX10 6JP South Oxon
Bicester St Edburg 10 15-0-7 F OX26 6NS T. Bicester
Bierton St James the Great 6 02-0-27 F♯ HP22 5DG Central Bucks
Binfield All Saints 6 09-0-2 G RG42 5NS T. Sonning Deanery
Bisham All Saints 3 06-0-2 B♭ SL7 1RW EBSB
Black Bourton St Mary the Virgin 6 06-2-24 B♭ OX18 2PQ GF. W&W
Bladon St Martin 6 06-1-18 B OX20 1RS W&W
Bledlow Holy Trinity 8 12-2-11 F HP27 9PD GF, T. Chiltern
Bletchingdon St Giles 6 08-0-1 A OX5 3DL T. Bicester
Bletchley St Mary 8 15-2-6 F MK3 6BJ T. North Bucks
Blewbury St Michael & All Angels 8 19-0-13 E OX11 9QH Old North Berks
Bloxham Our Lady of Bloxham 8 26-3-7 C♯ OX15 4ER Banbury
Bodicote St John the Baptist 8 08-1-4 A OX15 4DW Banbury
Boveney St Mary Magdalene 3 U/R 06-0-5 B♭ SL4 6NG EBSB
Boxford St Andrew 5 U/R 08½ cwt A♭ RG20 8DP T. Newbury
Bradfield St Andrew 6 12 cwt G RG7 6BY Reading
Bradwell St Lawrence 6 07-2-15 A MK13 9EE T. North Bucks
Bray St Michael 8 24-3-27 D SL6 2UB EBSB
Brightwalton All Saints 6 08-1-21 G RG20 7BN Newbury
Brightwell St Agatha 8 09-3-3 G♯ OX10 0RU T. Old North Berks
Brightwell Baldwin St Bartholomew 6 08-2-18 B♭ OX49 5NP South Oxon
Brill All Saints 6 11¼ cwt G♯ HP18 9RU T. Bicester
Brimpton St Peter 4 U/R 07-2-3 B RG7 4TJ Newbury
Brize Norton St Britius 6 U/R 08 cwt A♭ OX18 3LZ W&W
Broadwell St Peter & St Paul 8 15-2-12  F GL7 3QT GF. W&W
Buckingham St Peter & St Paul 8 22¾ cwt D MK18 1EU T. North Bucks
Buckland St Mary the Virgin 8 14-2-7 E SN7 8QR VOWH
Bucklebury St Mary the Virgin 8 12-3-22 G RG7 6PR Newbury
Burford St John the Baptist 8 17-3-0 E OX18 4SA Chipping Norton
Burghfield St Mary the Virgin 6 11-3-1 F♯ RG30 3RN Reading
Burnham St Peter 8 12-3-13 F♯ SL1 7HX EBSB
Buscot St Mary 4 07-2-3 A♭ SN7 8DQ VOWH
Calverton All Saints 8 09-3-8 G♯ MK19 6EE T. North Bucks
Cassington St Peter 6 12-1-4 F♯ OX29 4DT W&W
Caversfield St Laurence 5 04-3-16 D♭ OX27 8TQ Bicester
Caversham St Peter 8 07-3-13 A RG4 7RE Reading
Chaddleworth St Andrew 4 06 cwt B RG20 7EB Newbury
Chadlington St Nicholas 6 08-3-13 F♯ OX7 3LX T. Chipping Norton
Chalfont St Giles St Giles 8 07-3-15 G HP8 4QF T. EBSB
Chalfont St Peter St Peter 6 11-0-2 G SL9 9TW T. EBSB
Chalgrove St Mary 6 16-0-14 F OX44 7SD T. South Oxon
Charlbury St Mary the Virgin 6 14 cwt F OX7 3PY Chipping Norton
Charlton on Otmoor St Mary the Virgin 6 14-3-18 F OX5 2UA T. Bicester
Chastleton St Mary the Virgin 6 06-3-8 G GL56 0SU Chipping Norton
Chearsley St Nicholas 6 09-0-1 G HP18 0DF Central Bucks
Checkendon St Peter & St Paul 8 10-1-21 G RG8 0SR Reading
Cheddington St Giles 6 11-3-0 F♯ LU7 0SF K, T. Chiltern
Chenies St Michael 6 09-1-21 B♭ WD3 6ER EBSB
Chesham St Mary the Virgin 6 17-0-5 F HP5 1JE T. EBSB
Chesham Bois St Leonard 3 05-1-11 C♯ HP6 6DG EBSB
Chesterton St Mary 3 11½ cwt F♯ OX26 1UD Bicester
Chicheley St Lawrence 6 16½ cwt F♯ MK16 9JH North Bucks
Chieveley St Mary the Virgin 8 11-0-3 F RG20 8UT T. Newbury
Childrey St Mary the Virgin 8 12-0-4 A♭ OX12 9UR T. Old North Berks
Chilton All Saints 6 07-2-3 A OX11 0SR T. Old North Berks
Chilton St Mary 3 07-3-14 A HP18 9NA Central Bucks
Chinnor St Andrew 6 10-0-20 G OX39 4QL T. South Oxon
Chipping Norton St Mary the Virgin 8 14-1-4 F♯ OX7 5NT T. Chipping Norton
Cholsey St Mary 8 10-1-11 G OX10 9PS T. Old North Berks
Church Enstone St Kenelm 6 10-2-14 G OX7 4NL Chipping Norton
Church Hanborough St Peter & St Paul 6 13-1-24  F OX29 8AB W&W
Churchill All Saints 8 10-3-9 G OX7 6NU T. Chipping Norton
Clanfield St Stephen 8 12-3-16 F♯ OX18 2PA GF, T. W&W
Clewer St Andrew 6 13-3-3 F SL4 5JD EBSB
Clifton Reynes St Mary the Virgin 6 10-2-14 A MK46 5DT GF. North Bucks
Coleshill All Saints 6 07 cwt B♭ SN6 7PR VOWH
Combe St Laurence 8 12-0-15 F♯ OX29 8NG W&W
Compton Parva St Mary & St Nicholas 6 09-0-27 A♭ RG20 6RD Newbury
Cookham Holy Trinity 10 13-3-27 E SL6 9SW EBSB
Cropredy St Mary the Virgin 8 16-1-16 F OX17 1PB Banbury
Cuddesdon All Saints 6 12-3-7 F OX44 9HG T. Oxford City
Cuddington St Nicholas 8 09-2-3 G HP18 0AP Central Bucks
Culham St Paul 6 U/R 06-3-8 C OX14 4LZ Old North Berks
Cumnor St Michael 8 13-1-4 F OX2 9QN T. Old North Berks
Deddington St Peter & St Paul 8 15-3-3 F OX15 0TT Banbury
Denchworth St James 4 U/R 04-3-03 D♭ OX12 0DX Old North Berks
Denham St Mary the Virgin 8 22-2-6 E♭ UB9 5BH T. EBSB
Didcot All Saints 3 05-1-4 C♯ OX11 7PF T. Old North Berks
Dinton St Peter & St Paul 6 15-2-11 E HP17 8UG Central Bucks
Dorchester Abbey Church of St Peter & St Paul 8 16-2-11 E OX10 7JT South Oxon
Dorney St James 6 07-2-13 A SL4 6QR EBSB
Dorton St John the Baptist 3 07 cwt B HP18 9NG Central Bucks
Downs Barn Cross and Stable 8 06-0-10 C MK14 7RZ T. North Bucks
Drayton St Peter 8 09-1-20 G OX14 4JW T. Old North Berks
Drayton Parslow Holy Trinity 6 09-1-1 B♭ MK17 0JF Central Bucks
Drayton St Leonard St Leonard & St Catherine 6 06-0-19 B OX10 7AT South Oxon
Ducklington St Bartholomew 6 04-2-11  B OX29 7UF T. W&W
Duns Tew St Mary Magdalene 5 14½ cwt F OX25 6JP Banbury
East Claydon St Mary the Virgin 6 07-0-15 A MK18 2ND Central Bucks
East Garston All Saints 6 17 cwt E RG17 7HH Newbury
East Hagbourne St Andrew 8 21½ cwt E♭ OX11 9ND Old North Berks
East Hendred St Augustine of Canterbury 6 22 cwt E♭ OX12 8LA Old North Berks
East Ilsley St Mary 8 08-1-13 G RG20 7LP Newbury
Easthampstead St Michael & St Mary Magdalene 8 06-0-12 C RG12 7EN T. Sonning Deanery
Edgcott St Michael 3 07 cwt B♭ HP18 0TU Central Bucks
Edlesborough St Mary 6 13-1-24 F♯ LU6 2EP Chiltern
Ellesborough St Peter & St Paul 6 08-0-22 A HP17 0XF Chiltern
Emberton All Saints 6 09-0-18 G MK46 5DD GF, T. North Bucks
Englefield St Mark 8 08-0-11 A♭ RG7 5EN Reading
Ewelme St Mary the Virgin 6 18-1-15 E♭ OX10 6HS South Oxon
Eynsham St Leonard 6 09-1-24 G OX29 4HW W&W
Faringdon All Saints 8 17-1-7 E SN7 8SL VOWH
Farnborough All Saints 5 08 cwt A OX12 8NY Newbury
Farnham Royal St Mary the Virgin 8 11-3-10 F♯ SL2 3AW EBSB
Fenny Stratford St Martin 6 08-0-4 B♭ MK2 2BU T. North Bucks
Finchampstead St James 6 07-1-7 A RG40 4LU Sonning Deanery
Finmere St Michael 3 10-2-0 A MK18 4BG Bicester
Freeland St Mary the Virgin 6 03-3-3  D OX29 8AJ W&W
Fringford St Michael 3 U/R 10 cwt G♯ OX27 8DJ Bicester
Fritwell St Olave 4 07½ cwt B♭ OX27 7QW Bicester
Fulbrook St James the Great 6 04-0-13 C OX18 4BN T. Chipping Norton
Fulmer St James 6 07¾ cwt A SL3 6HD EBSB
Garsington St Mary 6 08-1-6 G OX44 9DH Oxford City
Goring on Thames St Thomas of Canterbury 8 08-0-21 A RG8 9AD Reading
Granborough St John the Baptist 5 08 cwt A MK18 3NS Central Bucks
Great Brickhill St Mary the Virgin 8 14-0-7 F MK17 9BE North Bucks
Great Coxwell St Giles 5 U/R 11-1-26 G SN7 7NG VOWH
Great Haseley St Peter 6 11-1-3 F♯ OX44 7JZ South Oxon
Great Horwood St James 6 16-0-10 F MK17 0RQ T. Central Bucks
Great Kimble St Nicholas 6 10-3-3 A♭ HP17 0XS K, T. Chiltern
Great Linford St Andrew 6 16-1-22 F♯ MK14 5AU GF, T. North Bucks
Great Milton St Mary 8 15-3-19 E OX44 7PD South Oxon
Great Missenden St Peter & St Paul 8 24-1-25 D HP16 0BA GF, K, T. Chiltern
Great Shefford St Mary 6 07-0-7 A♭ RG17 7DZ Newbury
Great Tew St Michael & All Angels 8 22-0-10 D OX7 4AG Banbury
Grendon Underwood St Leonard 3 11-0-12 F♯ HP18 0SY Central Bucks
Haddenham St Mary the Virgin 8 17-2-14 E HP17 8AH Central Bucks
Hambleden St Mary the Virgin 8 11-0-25 F♯ RG9 6RP EBSB
Hampstead Norreys St Mary the Virgin 6 11-0-5 G RG18 0TD Newbury
Hanslope St James the Great 8 18-3-23 E♭ MK19 7LR T. North Bucks
Hanwell St Peter 6 07-0-8 A OX17 1HN Banbury
Hardwick St Mary 6 12 cwt G HP22 4DH Central Bucks
Harwell St Matthew 8 16-1-26 E OX11 0HL T. Old North Berks
Henley on Thames St Mary the Virgin 8 21-2-0 E♭ RG9 2AT Reading
High Wycombe All Saints 12 26-3-15 D HP11 2AY EBSB
Hillesden All Saints 6 09-0-12 G♯ MK18 4DB North Bucks
Hinton Waldrist St Margaret 6 06-2-19 B♭ SN7 8SA VOWH
Hitcham St Mary 6 06-0-11 B♭ SL1 7DP EBSB
Hoggeston Holy Cross 3 U/R 06 cwt B♭ MK18 3LH Central Bucks
Hook Norton St Peter 8 20-2-13 E OX15 5NH T. Chipping Norton
Horley St Etheldreda 6 06-3-17 A♭ OX15 6BJ Banbury
Hornton St John the Baptist 5 U/R 07½ cwt B♭ OX15 6BY T. Banbury
Horspath St Giles 6 05-2-9 B♭ OX33 1SE Oxford City
Horton St Michael & All Angels 6 12½ cwt F♯ SL3 9PA T. EBSB
Hughenden St Michael & All Angels 8 14-3-19 F HP14 4LA EBSB
Hulcott All Saints 3 U/R 04 cwt D HP22 5AX Central Bucks
Hungerford St Lawrence 8 12-1-8 G RG17 0JB T. Newbury
Hurst St Nicholas 8 14-1-16 F RG10 0SL Sonning Deanery
Ickford St Nicholas 3 08½ cwt A HP18 9HZ Central Bucks
Islip St Nicholas 8 08-1-7 G OX5 2TA Bicester
Iver St Peter 8 17-2-14 E SL0 9JY EBSB
Ivinghoe St Mary 6 15 cwt F LU7 9EW K, T. Chiltern
Kiddington St Nicholas 3 U/R 07 cwt B♭ OX20 1BX GF. W&W
Kidlington St Mary the Virgin 8 21-1-27 D OX5 2AZ Oxford City
Kingham St Andrew 8 12-0-4 F♯ OX7 6YS Chipping Norton
Kintbury St Mary the Virgin 8 12-1-14 E RG17 9TR T. Newbury
Kirtlington St Mary the Virgin 8 16-1-19 E OX5 3HJ T, K. Bicester
Lambourn St Michael & All Angels 8 20-2-0 D RG17 8XX Newbury
Lane End Holy Trinity 6 05-2-26 B♭ HP14 3HG EBSB
Langford St Matthew 6 08-2-25  A GL7 3LG W&W
Langley St Mary the Virgin 8 15-1-15 E SL3 7EZ EBSB
Launton Assumption of BVM 6 06-3-21 B♭ OX25 6EP Bicester
Lavendon St Michael 6 10-3-3 G MK46 4EX T. North Bucks
Leafield St Michael & All Angels 6 11-2-21 A♭ OX29 9PQ Chipping Norton
Leckhampstead Assumption of BVM 5 13-2-0 F MK18 5NU GF. North Bucks
Letcombe Bassett St Michael & All Angels 3 04-1-7 C OX12 9LP Old North Berks
Letcombe Regis St Andrew 6 08 cwt A OX12 9JR Old North Berks
Lewknor St Margaret 6 14 cwt F♯ OX49 5TP South Oxon
Lillingstone Dayrell St Nicholas 3 06 cwt C MK18 5AT GF, T. North Bucks
Lillingstone Lovell Assumption of BVM 6 06-2-0 B MK18 5BB North Bucks
Little Compton St Denys 5 06-2-6 B♭ GL56 0SA Chipping Norton
Little Horwood St Nicholas 6 08-2-10 G MK17 0PF Central Bucks
Little Marlow St John the Baptist 3 U/R 07 cwt B♭ SL7 3RU EBSB
Little Milton St James 6 11-3-22 F♯ OX44 7QB South Oxon
Little Missenden St John the Baptist 6 10-2-26 G HP7 0QY T. Chiltern
Little Wittenham St Peter 5 05 cwt B OX14 4RB Old North Berks
Lockinge All Saints 4 U/R 08½ cwt G OX12 8QY Old North Berks
Long Crendon St Mary the Virgin 10 17-3-17 E HP18 9AN Central Bucks
Long Wittenham St Mary the Virgin 6 08-0-21 A OX14 4QJ Old North Berks
Longcot St Mary the Virgin 8 08-1-24 A♭ SN7 7TG GF, T,K. VOWH
Longworth St Mary 5 U/R 10 cwt G OX13 5DY AC. VOWH
Loughton All Saints 6 11-2-14 G MK5 8AS GF, T. North Bucks
Lower Basildon St Bartholomew 4 10 cwt A♭ RG8 9NH Reading
Lower Heyford St Mary 6 06-3-20 B♭ OX25 5NR T. Banbury
Ludgershall St Mary the Virgin 5 09-3-16 G HP18 9PG Bicester
Lyford St Mary 3 02-1-24 G OX12 0EG VOWH
Maidenhead All Saints 8 15-0-13 E SL6 4HE EBSB
Maids Moreton St Edmund 6 10-3-20 G MK18 1QD T. North Bucks
Mapledurham St Margaret 6 07-3-3 A♭ RG4 7TR Reading
Marcham All Saints 6 08-1-4 G OX13 6NW Old North Berks
Marlow All Saints 8 15-0-3 F SL7 2AA T. EBSB
Marsh Baldon St Peter 6 07½ cwt A OX44 9LS South Oxon
Marsh Gibbon St Mary the Virgin 5 13 cwt G OX27 0HQ Central Bucks
Marsworth All Saints 6 10-3-10 G HP23 4LU K, T. Chiltern
Mentmore St Mary 5 08 cwt A LU7 0QQ Chiltern
Middleton Stoney All Saints 6 09-2-12 G OX25 4AW Bicester
Midgham St Matthew 6 05-0-9 C♯ RG7 5UW Newbury
Milton St Blaise 8 06-3-26 B OX14 4EJ T. Old North Berks
Milton Keynes Village All Saints 6 09-0-0 G MK10 9AF GF, T. North Bucks
Minster Lovell St Kenelm 3 U/R 09 cwt G OX29 0RR W&W
Mixbury All Saints 3 11 cwt A♭ NN13 5RS Bicester
Mollington All Saints 6 04-2-06 C OX17 1BA Banbury
Monks Risborough St Dunstan 6 13 cwt F♯ HP27 9JE K, T(C.H.). Chiltern
Moulsford St John the Baptist 3 05 cwt D♭ OX10 9HS Old North Berks
Mursley St Mary the Virgin 6 09-0-20 G MK17 0HP Central Bucks
Nether Winchendon St Nicholas 5 12-1-8 G HP18 0DY Central Bucks
Nettlebed St Bartholomew 6 05-3-17 B RG9 5DA Reading
Newbury St Nicholas 10 21-2-1 D RG14 5HG Newbury
Newport Pagnell St Peter & St Paul 8 21-2-16 E♭ MK16 8AP T. North Bucks
Newton Blossomville St Nicholas 3 05¼ cwt C MK43 8AL T. North Bucks
Newton Longville St Faith 8 11-0-2 G MK17 0AG T. North Bucks
North Aston St Mary the Virgin 6 06-1-26 B OX25 6JA Banbury
North Crawley St Firmin 6 12-1-5 F MK16 9LJ GF. North Bucks
North Leigh St Mary 6 09-3-15 G OX29 6TX T. W&W
North Marston Assumption of BVM 6 13-2-27 F MK18 3PE Central Bucks
North Moreton All Saints 6 13-0-18 G OX11 9BD Old North Berks
North Stoke St Mary the Virgin 3 U/R 07½ cwt B♭ OX10 6BH Reading
Northmoor St Denys 6 11 cwt  A♭ OX29 5SZ W&W
Oakley St Mary 3 07 cwt A♯ HP18 9QF Central Bucks
Oddington St Nicholas 6 09-2-20 G GL56 0XE Bicester
Old Windsor St Peter & St Andrew 8 11-2-21 G SL4 2JX EBSB
Old Wolverton The Holy Trinity 6 14 cwt G MK12 5NH T. North Bucks
Olney St Peter & St Paul 10 24-0-9 D MK46 4AD T. North Bucks
Oving All Saints 3 U/R 07 cwt A HP22 4HN Central Bucks
Oxford, Cowley St James 6 05-3-3 C OX4 3LF Oxford City
Oxford, Headington St Andrew 8 07-3-0 A♭ OX3 9DL Oxford City
Oxford, Iffley St Mary the Virgin 6 10 cwt A♭ OX4 4EG T. Oxford City
Oxford, Marston St Nicholas 6 04-3-17 C OX3 0PR T. Oxford City
Oxford, North Hinksey St Lawrence 6 05-2-27 B OX2 0LZ Oxford City
Oxford, St Aldate St Aldate 6 11-1-12 G OX1 1BP Oxford City
Oxford, St Ebbe St Ebbe 8 04-3-19 B♭ OX1 1QE Oxford City
Oxford, St Giles St Giles 8 14-0-1 F♯ OX2 6HA T. Oxford City
Oxford, Wolvercote St Peter 6 08-0-2 B♭ OX2 8BW Oxford City
Padbury St Mary 6 10½ cwt A♭ MK18 2AJ GF, T. North Bucks
Padworth St John the Baptist 6 07-1-4 B♭ RG7 4NP Reading
Pangbourne St James the Less 6 10 cwt A♭ RG8 7AA Reading
Peasemore St Barnabas 6 08-0-11 A RG20 7JG Newbury
Penn Holy Trinity 6 10 cwt G♯ HP10 8NZ EBSB
Piddington St Nicholas 5 07½ cwt A OX25 1PR Bicester
Purley St Mary the Virgin 6 08-1-27 A♭ RG8 8AQ Reading
Quainton Holy Cross & St Mary 8 17-1-26 E♭ HP22 4AP Central Bucks
Radley St James the Great 6 05-2-27 B OX14 2JN Old North Berks
Reading St Laurence 12 23-0-20 D RG1 1QH Reading
Reading Minster Church of St Mary the Virgin 8 25-2-26 D♭ RG1 2HX Reading
Reading St Giles 8 14-2-7 F RG1 2RZ Reading
Rousham St Leonard & St James 6 08-1-13 A♭ OX25 5PB Banbury
Salford St Mary 5 06-2-27 A OX7 5YL Chipping Norton
Sandford St Martin St Martin 6 09 cwt A OX7 7AG Banbury
Sandhurst St Michael & All Angels 6 07-2-20 A GU47 8HN Sonning Deanery
Sandhurst Immaculate Conception 6 01-2-14 A♭ GU47 9DF T. Sonning Deanery
Shabbington St Mary Magdalene 6 05-3-22 B HP18 9HQ South Oxon
Shalstone St Edward the Confessor 5 07-1-13 A♭ MK18 5LT GF. North Bucks
Shaw St Mary 6 07-0-12 A RG14 2DR T. Newbury
Shellingford St Faith 6 06-2-10 B SN7 7PZ VOWH
Shenington Holy Trinity 5 09½ cwt A♭ OX15 6NH Banbury
Shenley St Mary 6 17-1-11 E♭ MK5 6LL T. North Bucks
Sherington St Laud 5 12 cwt G MK16 9PN North Bucks
Shilton Holy Rood 3 U/R 05 cwt C♯ OX18 4AE GF. W&W
Shinfield St Mary 6 11-3-13 F RG2 9DD Reading
Shiplake St Peter & St Paul 8 09-0-15 A♭ RG9 4BS Reading
Shipton under Wychwood St Mary the Virgin 8 14-0-8 F OX7 6BB Chipping Norton
Shottesbrooke St John the Baptist 6 10-0-4 F♯ SL6 3SW Sonning Deanery
Shrivenham St Andrew 10 13-0-2 F SN6 8AH VOWH
Simpson St Thomas 6 07-1-7 A MK6 3AD T. North Bucks
Slapton Holy Cross 5 U/R 10-3-14 E LU7 9DA Chiltern
Slough St Mary 10 17-2-4 E SL1 1PJ EBSB
Somerton St James the Apostle 8 11-3-23 F OX25 6NB T. Banbury
Sonning St Andrew 8 20-1-4 D RG4 6UP T. Sonning Deanery
Soulbury All Saints 6 15-0-21 E LU7 0BX Central Bucks
Souldern St Mary the Virgin 6 07-3-6 G OX27 7HU Bicester
South Leigh St James 8 10-1-23 G OX29 6US GF. W&W
South Newington St Peter ad Vincula 5 08-0-7 F♯ OX15 4JG Banbury
South Stoke St Andrew 6 09 cwt A♭ RG8 0JL Reading
Sparsholt Holy Cross 4 10½ cwt A OX12 9PU Old North Berks
Speen St Mary 6 12-2-12 G RG14 1RJ T. Newbury
Spelsbury All Saints 6 10-3-16 G OX7 3JR Chipping Norton
Standlake St Giles 6 10-1-18 F♯ OX29 7SG GF. W&W
Stanford Dingley St Denys 4 06-0-15 B♭ RG7 6LS Newbury
Stanford in the Vale St Denys 8 08-1-17 G♯ SN7 8LQ VOWH
Stanton Harcourt St Michael 6 11 cwt F OX29 5RJ W&W
Stanton St John St John the Baptist 5 09¼ cwt G♯ OX33 1DN Oxford City
Steeple Aston St Peter & St Paul 8 12-2-16 F OX25 4SF Banbury
Steeple Barton St Mary 5 09-3-1 A♭ OX25 4QP Banbury
Steeple Claydon St Michael & All Angels 6 11-1-27 F♯ MK18 2QS Central Bucks
Steventon St Michael & All Angels 6 11-2-7 F OX13 6SN Old North Berks
Stewkley St Michael & All Angels 8 10-0-16 F LU7 0HN Central Bucks
Stoke Goldington St Peter 6 13-1-22 F MK16 8NZ North Bucks
Stoke Lyne St Peter 3 08-3-8 A OX27 8RU T. Bicester
Stoke Mandeville St Mary the Virgin 8 08-1-10 A♭ HP22 5UW T. Chiltern
Stoke Poges St Giles 8 13-2-3 F♯ SL2 4NZ EBSB
Stone St John the Baptist 6 U/R 13 cwt F♯ HP17 8RF Central Bucks
Stonesfield St James the Great 6 07-3-22  B♭ OX29 8PS W&W
Stony Stratford St Mary and St Giles 8 12-1-16 F MK11 1FB T. North Bucks
Stowe Assumption of BVM 6 10-3-23 F MK18 5ED GF. North Bucks
Stratfield Mortimer St John the Evangelist 6 07-2-16 A RG7 3TZ Reading
Stratfield Mortimer St Mary the Virgin 8 11-2-23 F♯ RG7 3NU Reading
Stratton Audley St Mary & St Edburga 5 11½ cwt G OX27 9AQ T. Bicester
Streatley St Mary 6 08-1-26 A♭ RG8 9HU Reading
Sunninghill St Michael & All Angels 3 U/R 03½ cwt D♯ SL5 7DD Sonning Deanery
Sunningwell St Leonard 6 08½ cwt B♭ OX13 6RD Old North Berks
Sutton Courtenay All Saints 8 12-0-17 F OX14 4AG Old North Berks
Swalcliffe St Peter & St Paul 6 13-2-0 F OX15 5DR Banbury
Swallowfield All Saints 6 07-0-23 A♭ RG7 1TJ Reading
Swanbourne St Swithun 6 12-1-24 F MK17 0SR Central Bucks
Swerford St Mary 6 06-2-6 B♭ OX7 4AU Chipping Norton
Tackley St Nicholas 6 13-3-15  F OX5 3AE W&W
Tadmarton St Nicholas 6 11-0-15 G OX15 5TD Banbury
Taynton St John the Evangelist 6 06-0-27 B♭ OX18 4UB Chipping Norton
Tetsworth St Giles 6 04-2-25 D♭ OX9 7BH South Oxon
Thame St Mary the Virgin 8 11-1-11 F OX9 3AJ South Oxon
Thatcham St Mary 10 13-0-23 F RG19 3HX Newbury
Theale Holy Trinity 6 13 cwt G RG7 5AT Reading
Thornborough St Mary the Virgin 5 11-3-23 F♯ MK18 2DG GF. North Bucks
Tidmarsh St Laurence 3 U/R 05 cwt B RG8 8ER Reading
Tilehurst St Michael 8 17-1-15 E RG30 4JX Reading
Tingewick St Mary Magdalene 5 14 cwt G MK18 4RE T. North Bucks
Towersey St Catherine 4 07 cwt A OX9 3QL South Oxon
Turville St Mary 6 07-3-11 B♭ RG9 6QX EBSB
Twyford St Mary the Virgin 8 12-0-10 F♯ RG10 9NT T. Sonning Deanery
Twyford Assumption of BVM 6 12 cwt G MK18 4ET Central Bucks
Tyringham St Peter 5 13 cwt F♯ MK16 9EX GF. North Bucks
Uffington St Mary 6 12-3-17 E♭ SN7 7RR VOWH
Ufton Nervet The Spire 4 04½ cwt D RG7 4EW Reading
Waddesdon St Michael & All Angels 6 10-2-24 F♯ HP18 0JQ S. Central Bucks
Wallingford St Mary le More 10 18-3-26 E♭ OX10 0EG Old North Berks
Waltham St Lawrence St Lawrence 6 12-0-0 A♭ RG10 0JN Sonning Deanery
Wantage St Peter & St Paul 8 21-2-15 D OX12 8AQ Old North Berks
Warborough St Laurence 8 10-0-14 G OX10 7HA South Oxon
Wardington St Mary Magdalene 6 16-3-16 E♭ OX17 1RS Banbury
Warfield St Michael Archangel 10 13-2-27 F RG42 6EE T. Sonning Deanery
Wargrave St Mary 8 17-2-10 F RG10 8EU Sonning Deanery
Watlington St Leonard 8 24 cwt E♭ OX49 5LX South Oxon
Wavendon Assumption of BVM 6 08-3-5 A♭ MK17 8LN T. North Bucks
Welford St Gregory 5 U/R 08 cwt A RG20 8HA Newbury
Wendover St Mary 8 13-2-17 F♯ HP22 6NL K, T. Chiltern
West Hanney St James the Great 6 18-1-9 E OX12 0LP Old North Berks
West Hendred Holy Trinity 6 08 cwt B♭ OX12 8RS Old North Berks
West Wycombe St Lawrence 8 14-3-2 F♯ HP14 3AP EBSB
Weston on the Green Blessed Virgin Mary 6 08 cwt A OX25 3QS T. Bicester
Weston Turville St Mary the Virgin 6 14-2-22 F♯ HP22 5SH GF, K, T. Chiltern
Weston Underwood St Laurence 6 09-3-1 G♯ MK46 5JP North Bucks
Whaddon St Mary 6 14-2-21 G MK17 0LZ North Bucks
Wheatley St Mary the Virgin 6 09-3-10 A♭ OX33 1LZ Oxford City
Whitchurch St Mary the Virgin 6 08-0-9 A♭ RG8 7DF Reading
Whitchurch St John the Evangelist 6 12-3-18 F HP22 4JY Central Bucks
White Waltham Blessed Virgin Mary 6 12-0-9 G SL6 3JH T. Sonning Deanery
Wigginton St Giles 6 06-1-17 B♭ OX15 4JU Chipping Norton
Windsor St John the Baptist 8 17-2-11 E♭ SL4 1LD EBSB
Windsor Castle Curfew Tower, HM Free Chapel of S George 8 26 cwt C♯ SL4 1NJ EBSB
Wing All Saints 6 28 cwt D LU7 0NX Central Bucks
Wingrave St Peter & St Paul 8 14-2-12 F HP22 4PF Central Bucks
Winkfield St Mary 6 13-2-13 E SL4 4SQ EBSB
Winslow St Laurence 8 17-1-9 E♭ MK18 3HE Central Bucks
Witney St Mary the Virgin 8 16-3-11  E OX28 4BA T, K, MR. W&W
Wokingham All Saints 8 15-2-11 E RG40 1UE Sonning Deanery
Wokingham St Paul 8 15-2-7 F RG41 1EH Sonning Deanery
Wooburn St Paul 8 17-1-14 E HP10 0PW EBSB
Woodeaton Holy Rood 5 07 cwt B♭ OX3 9TN Bicester
Woodstock St Mary Magdalene 8 12-3-24  F OX20 1SZ T. W&W
Wootton St Mary 6 09-2-20  G OX20 1DZ W&W
Wotton Underwood All Saints 6 10 cwt A HP18 0SB Central Bucks
Woughton on the Green Assumption of BVM 6 07 cwt B♭ MK6 3LR GF, T. North Bucks
Wraysbury St Andrew 8 09-2-26 G TW19 5DG EBSB
Wroxton All Saints 5 08-1-20 A♭ OX15 6QE Banbury
Yarnton St Bartholomew 6 22-1-19 D OX5 1PY W&W
Yattendon St Peter & St Paul 6 06-3-14 B♭ RG18 0UP Newbury
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