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Sonning Deanery e-mail services

The Guild provides e-mail services and website hosting for all of its branches who wish to use them. This website is hosted on the ODG server, and the Branch provides full e-mail services using standard addresses, described below. For general information, see the Guild FAQ page .

If you know of any changed of e-mail address or any new addresses please inform the Branch Postmaster 

Standard e-mail addresses

These addresses relate to a post rather than a person, and they do not change even if the person holding the post changes. That makes them easier to remember, and also avoids disclosing personal e-mail addresses. The addresses uses a prefix in front of @sdb.odg.org.uk . There are two types of address:

Address type Message goes to Restrictions Who can post Prefix
Officer A particular officer (or officers if a post is shared) No Anyone   See list of officers  
Tower The correspondent of a particular tower No Anyone   See list on towers page 

Branch mailing lists

There are three mailing lists for groups within the Branch. The address for each is a prefix before @sdb.odg.org.uk

 All lists convert messages to plain text to reduce the risk of hidden links or malware.

Branch list Message goes to Restrictions Who can post Prefix
Members All members who have given an e-mail address Short messages with limited size attachments Only authorised officers members
Towers All tower correspondents Less restricted, with moderate size attachments Only authorused officers towers
Officers All Branch officers No restrictions, with larger attachments Only officers who are on the list officers
Weddings Members who have agreed to receive requests to help with ringing for weddings Short messages with no attachments Only tower correspondents weddings
Young ringers Registered young ringers Short messages with limited size attachments Only Youth Officer (currently secretary acting in lieu  

If you are a member, and you do not receive messages from the mailing list, please contact the Branch Postmaster .

If you would like to volunteer to help out with wedding ringing, see details .

 Please inform the Branch Postmaster if your e-mail address changes.

Tower mailing lists

On request, the Branch will provide individual towers with e-mail lists for their members. Several towers already use this facility. The address for each is a prefix before @sdb.odg.org.uk .

Tower list Message goes to Restrictions Who can post Prefix
Any individual tower Members of a the particular tower (and friends at the tower's discretion) Can be applied or not, to meet the tower needs Normally members of the list, but can be restricted if required by the tower As agreed when the list is set up

 If you manage a tower list and change someone's address, please inform the Branch Postmaster so the members list can also be updated.

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