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Ringing towers within Sonning Deanery Branch

There are 17 ringable towers and one tower with unringable bells in Sonning Deanery. They are shown on the map and then listed in the tables below.

Select a tower from the map, or from one of the lists, or go straight to the  tower details .  To contact a tower, go to tower prefixes 

Towers by location
Branch map Arborfield Barkham Binfield Easthamspstead Finchampstead Hurst Sandhurst Shottesbrooke Sonning Sunninghill Twyford Waltham St Lawrence Warfield Wargrave White Waltham Wokingham EBSB Branch Reading Branch Winchesteer & Portsmouth Guild Guildford Guild

The ODG map. shows towers in other branches of the Guild, as well as ringing societies adjoining the ODG.

Alphabetic listing below, with full details,

Grouped by practice night

Monday practice
Binfield (6)
Sandhurst St Michael (6)
Waltham St Lawrence (6)
Wokingham All Saints (8)
Tuesday practice
Sandhurst Immaculate Conception (6)
Warfield (10)
Wokingham St Paul (8)
Wednesday practice
Barkham (4)
Finchampstead (6)
Wargrave (8)
Thursday practice
Easthampstead (8)
Sonning (8)
Friday practice
Arborfield (6)
Shottesbrooke (6)
 Twyford (8) 
White Waltham (6)
No practice
Sunninghill (unringable)

Grouped by number of bells

10 Bells
Warfield (13-2-27 in F)
8 bells
Easthampstead (6-0-9 in C)
Hurst (14-1-16 in F)
Sonning (20-1-4 in Eb)
Twyford (12-0-10 in F#)
Wargrave (17-2-10 in F)
Wokingham All Saints (15-2-11 in E)
Wokingham St Paul (15-2-7 in F)
6 Bells
Arborfield (11-2-24 in G)
Binfield (9-3-1 in G)
Finchampstead (7-1-7 in A)
Sandhurst St Michael (7-2-20 in A)
Sandhurst Immaculate Conception (1-2-14 in Ab)
Shottesbrooke (10-0-4 in F#)
Waltham St Lawrence (12-0-0 in Ab)
White Waltham (12-0-9 in G)
4 Bells
Barkham (4-2-0 in C)
3 Bells
Sunninghill (unringable) (3-2-0 in D#)

Tower details

Ringing times (Sundays & practices) – Some towers don't ring every week. The numbers in brackets after ringing times are week numbers – eg Thu 19.30 (2) means only on 2nd Thursday. Practice times may vary, so it is advisable to check with the Tower Correspondent before turning up. See also Weekly Practice notices. 

Details of access & other facilities are included, particularly for disabled ringers. (P) indicates parking. (CP) indicates a car park for Church users. (Take care not to be blocked in if ringing for a service.) (T) = toilet may be available to visitors (possibly by prior arrangement). DT = Disabled-friendly toilet (though others may also be).

Map links – Click on the OS grid reference for a map (3km square) around the tower. Click on Detail (PW) to see individual buildings, with the church marked PW (Place of Worship).

Contact details – Contact details are given for each tower, where available. All towers have an e-mail address. You can click the appropriate [email] to send a message to the tower correspondent Alternatively you can send a message in the normal way from your e-mail software, by putting the tower prefix  in front of @sdb.odg.org.uk as the address for your message.

Tower Dedication Bells Details Sunday ringing Practice Contact E-mail Map Ref Access & facilities
Arborfield St Bartholomew 6 11-2-24 in G 09.30 Fri 19.30 0118 976 2413 SU757678 
Detail (PW)
Spiral. DT/T: In adjacent hall. P by entrance or on road
Barkham St James 4 4-2-0 in C 18.30 (4) (most) Wed 19.30-21.00 0118 977 1667   SU784664   Detail (PW) Near-vertical ladder when ropes set to ring from upstairs; level access when set to ring from ground floor. CP
Binfield All Saints 6 9-3-1 in G 09.00 (1, 3, 4) Mon 20.00 0784 2165456   SU845721   Detail (PW) Level access to church; two steps up to ringing room. Chair lift to DT downstairs. CP (via drive to right)
Easthampstead SS Michael & Mary Magd 8 6-0-9 in C 09.00 Thu 19.30 01344 459978   SU863676   Detail (PW) Medium spiral: clockwise ascending, with rope. Gravel & concrete path from road. DT CP (unsurfaced, via drive 100m to right)
Finchampstead St James 6 7-1-7 in A 10.30 Wed 19.45 0118 973 3747   SU792637   Detail (PW) Medium spiral: clockwise ascending. CP
Hurst St Nicholas 8 14-1-16 in F Currently no ringing except by arrangement Currently no practice (was otherwise Mon 19.30-21.00 0118 327 2742   SU794729   Detail (PW) Level access to church and ringing room. P on street
Sandhurst St Michael & All Angels 6 7-2-20 in A 08.55 (Only occasional) , 17.55 Mon 19.30 01344 772678   SU825618   Detail (PW) Sloping path then level access to church and ringing room. CP by hall to left
Sandhurst Immaculate Conception 6 1-2-14 in Ab No regular ringing No practices -   SU837615   Detail (PW) Level access to church and ringing room. CP
Shottesbrooke St John Baptist 6 10-0-4 in F# 08.15 Fri 19.45 (1,3) -   SU841771   Detail (PW) Spiral . CP Security gate at entrance to park. Details
Sonning St Andrew 8 20-1-4 in Eb 10.00, (17.15 quarter peal by arrangement) Thu 19.15 - 20.45 0118 969 5967   SU755755   Detail (PW) Steep spiral: clockwise ascending with central rope. DT/T: in adjacent hall. CP by entrance or P on street
Sunninghill St Michael & All Angels 3 3-2-0 in E (unringable) (unringable) -   SU940686   Detail (PW) Vertical ladder at present. CP
Twyford St Mary V 8 12-0-10 in F# 10.00 Fri 19.00 - 20.30 07764191556   SU788758   Detail (PW) Spiral (27 steps) anti-clockwise ascending with central rope. CP
Waltham St Lawrence St Lawrence 6 12-0-0 in Ab 09.30 Mon 19.45 0118 934 3313   SU829769   Detail (PW) Short spiral (1 turn): anti-clockwise ascending. Gravel path from road. P on street
Warfield St Michael Archangel 10 13-2-27 in F 10.30 Tuesday 19.30 01344 422796   SU880721   Detail (PW) Short spiral (1 turn): anti-clockwise ascending. Tarmac path from road. DT/T: in adjacent hall. P opposite
Wargrave St Mary 8 17-2-10 in F 10.00 Wed 19.30 0118 940 2937   SU782784   Detail (PW) Medium spiral: clockwise ascending. CP by entrance from Station Road
White Waltham St Mary 6 12-0-9 in G 9.45 Fri 19.30 (2,4,5) -   SU854775   Detail (PW) Medium (40 step) spiral: anti-clockwise ascending, no rope yet. P by barn opposite, or on street
Wokingham All Saints 8 15-2-11 in E 08.50, 17.50 (not Aug) 
Service ringing currently disrupted so check tower diary
Mon 20.00-21.30 0118 996 8438   SU815688   Detail (PW) Short spiral (1 turn): anti-clockwise ascending, with central rope. T/DT: in adjacent hall. CP in Norreys Avenue or on street or public CP. Details
Wokingham St Paul 8 15-2-7 in F 09.00 Tue 19.45 0118 978 6554   SU805690   Detail (PW) Medium (40 step) narrow spiral: clockwise ascending, with rope. CP by hall to right

Tower e-mail prefixes

To e-mail a tower correspondent, put the appropriate tower prefix before @sdb.odg.org.uk

arborfield barkham binfield easthampstead finchampstead hurst
sandhurst.stmichael sandhurst.ic shottesbrooke sonning sunninghill twyford
waltham.stlawrence warfield wargrave white.waltham wokingham.allsaints wokingham.stpaul

To send a message to all tower correspondents, put the prefix   towers   before  @sdb.odg.org.uk

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