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Generic e-mail addresses of Guild officers

The Guild provides all officers with generic addresses. These are the best contact email addresss to include in any documents, posters or publications as they remain valid despite any changes to the officers. For example is the Guild secretary's e-mail address.

Guild officerAddress prefixNotes
Central Council Representatives (receiving only)ccrepsReceiving only – goes to all six representatives. See below for individuals
Children's Officerchildren
Deputy Masterdepmaster(or ‘deputymaster’)
Deputy Treasurerdeptreasurer(or ‘assttreasurer’)
Education Chairmanedchairman(or ‘edchair’ or ‘edc’)
Education Secretaryedsec
General Secretarysecretary
Membership Secretarymembership
Minutes Secretaryminsec
Newsletter editor[See Odd Bob Editor] 
Odd Bob Editoroddbob(or ‘editor’)
Peal Secretarypeals
Public Relations Officerpro
Report Editorreport(or ‘reported’)
Secretary[See General Secretary]
Server Administrator or Managerserveradmin(for matters relating to Guild email facilities, including maintenance of generics and supervising Guild circulation lists)
Guild Stewards (receiving only)stewardsReceiving only – goes to all five guild stewards. See below for individuals
Steward for xyz branch[See below]
Towers & Belfries Chairmantbchairman(or ‘tbchair’ or ‘tbc’)
Webmaster / Web Managerwebmaster(for matters relating to the Guild website)

Guild stewards

Stewards are allocated to branches and their generic e-mail address reflects this, so for example: would go to the steward for the branch with address prefix ‘xyz’. (See the list of branch prefixes.)

Since each steward is normally allocated to three branches, there are three steward addresses that will reach him or her.

CC representatives

As well as the collective address, which goes to all representatives, each representative has an individual address, with a prefix incorporating the person's initials. So for example: will go to John Harrison.

Current Central Council Representatives Address prefix
Bobbie May ccrep_bm
Ken R Davenport ccrep_krd
John A Harrison ccrep_jah
Tim G Pett ccrep_tgp
Alan Bentley ccrep_arb

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