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2022 Ambrosden Belfry Course

  • 2022 Ambrosden Belfry Maintenance -1

Over 20 ringers attended the course held on October 8th at Ambrosden.

We came from all corners of the guild – Milton Keynes, Reading, Bicester, Shrivenham and Shabbington. Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic tutors delivered a practical masterclass on Towers and Bells. The topic is huge but pointers to books, expertise and help were available. It was great hands-on fun as all the photos show.

The watchwords were ‘a watchful eye, regular preventative checks, common sense, health and safety, good record keeping and judicious use of professional expertise’. We also touched on tower improvements and major schemes.

Ambrosden tower had some fascinating features – Ellacombe chimes, a huge heating duct to navigate, an enclosed wooden staircase, and Hastings stays.

Time sped by. The practical sessions featured visits to the bells, ringing, looking/discussing an array of stays, pulley blocks, a wheel and more.

More support is available by clicking the Quick link on the ODG main page – Bells & Belfries sub committee. However please go on a course if you can! The next course has spaces it is at Steeple Aston on 29th October (Rope Splicing and Maintenance).