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Established January 17 1881

Group Personal Accident Insurance

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For a number of years, the Guild has arranged Group Personal Accident Insurance cover for Guild members and those under instruction by a Guild member.

In May 2009, the benefits were increased and the lower and upper age limits on cover were removed. The policy is now underwritten by Canopius Underwriting Ltd.

Scope of coverage

Guild members are covered whilst ringing or attending to routine maintenance work to the bells in any church or bell tower, or whilst travelling to or from a church or bell tower to practice or take part in bell ringing anywhere in the United Kingdom. ("Routine maintenance" means any works for which approval in accordance with the Care of Churches Measure is not required - separate cover can be arranged where needed in connection with these more major items of work).

Insurance is extended to include members teaching bell ringing and persons under instruction by a Guild member at a church or bell tower within the Diocese of Oxford.

Benefits payable in the event of a claim

Age Range (years) Temporary Total Disablement Permanent Disablement or Permanent Partial Disablement Death
16-70 £300 per week for up to 104 weeks £30,000 £30,000
Under 16 Nil £2,500 £2,500
71-75 Nil £2,500 £2,500
Over 75 Nil Nil £2,500

Medical expenses up to £1,500 are payable for those aged 16 - 70 years and up to £125 for the other age groups.


Claims and queries should be directed in the first instance to

The Honorary General Treasurer,
Mr. S. Gibson,
The Croft,
Milton Hill,
OX13 6BD
01235 820491

Claims must be confirmed in writing.

Please remember that it is a condition of all policies that claims must be reported to the Insurers as soon as practicable. A claim that is not notified within a reasonable time may be rejected.

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