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Training courses for members

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In addition to regular ringing opportunities (see Diary)  the Branch has run many specialist training courses to meet the needs of its members - mostly evening or half day events. These courses have usually been run when in response to requests from members. You can see details of each course by clicking on the links below. If you are interested in any of them, please contact the Training Officer .

 Elementary bob calling Conducting   Bell handling  
 See yourself handling on video    Raising and lowering techniques    Raising and lowering in peal
 Leading up and down in peal  Listening skills  Bell maintenance
 Rope splicing    Ring with a simulator    How to learn a method
 Heavy bell handling  Change ringing on handbells   Striking practice
Listening and judging striking  Teaching bell handling  
  Descriptions of all courses 

Summary and pictures of previous courses: Bell maintenance course in 2007 , Rope splicing course in 2010, Rope splicing course in 2014, Rope splicing course in 2019 ,

See also links to books and other educational resources  on the Guild website

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