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10-bell Striking Competition


Click this link for the full report.

2021 Certificates

1st Place – East Berks & South Bucks Branch


Front R-L back L-R in ringing order:
Treble, Patricia M. Newton, 2. Angela M. Darvill 3. Charles M. S. Botting 4. Kenneth J. Darvill, 5. John C. Davidge 6. Matthew R. Johnson (c) 7. James White 8. David R. Cox 9. Robert H. Newton, Tenor Martin T. Whitaker

2nd Place – Reading Branch


Front row R-L then back row L-R
Treble, June Wells (c) 2. Elizabeth Evans 3. Jenny Page 4. John Wells 5. Robert Partridge 6. Colin Cairns 7. James Champion 8. Giles Winter 9. Doug Beaumont 10. David Bardwell

3rd Place – Newbury Branch


Front row R-L then back row L-R in ringing order
Treble, Jenny Jones 2. Rachel Backhouse 3. Eleanor Rice 4. Mike Winterbourne 5. Imogen Sculthorp 6. John Kape 7. Mark Robins (c) 8. John Manley 9. Mark Backhouse Tenor, Martin Rice.