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10-Bell Striking Competition

Competition Rules

Clink this link to view or download a copy of the competition rules – 10-Bell Striking Competitions Rules-1

2022 10-Bell Striking Competition

The Oxford Diocesan Guild annual 10 bell competition took place at St Andrew, Shrivenham (10 bells, 13-0-2), on Saturday 26th November 2022.

The test piece was a touch of 269 Grandsire Caters, and the competition was judged by Jeremy and Anne Pratt, who were able to take advantage of the cosy Church Rooms across the Churchyard.

There were entries from 6 Branches in the ODG, which was an excellent turnout considering the disruption from covid over the previous few years. All teams successfully completed the set piece, and the judges said that all the ringing had been pleasant and of a good standard. The results were as follows:
1st place: EBSB – 60 faults. Judges comments “This had settled quickly to a comfortable speed and was very pleasant to listen to.” Peal speed 3.06.
2nd place: VOWH – 62 faults. “Not always even, but very nearly there, and pleasant to listen to” Peal speed 2.56.
3rd place: Reading – 64 faults. “It took some time for the band to become comfortable, but was then technically very good”. Peal speed 3.12.
4th place – ONB – 75 faults. “Started with some inaccurate leading, but improved as the Test piece progressed” Peal speed 2.55.
5th place – Banbury – 107 faults. “Took a while to settle, but improved towards the end, and the last lead was very good” Peal speed 3.10.
6th place – Newbury – 123 faults. “Similarly to the 5th placed, team, took a long time to settle, but improved as it progressed”. Peal speed 3.14.

The judges presented the trophy to Matthew Johnson of EBSB, and reiterated how much they had enjoyed the ringing and the hospitality.

A huge thank you to the Shrivenham ringers who provided very welcome hot drinks throughout the competition, and a lovely lunch afterwards.

Lindsay Powell

First Place – East Berks & South Bucks Branch (60 faults)

In ringing order R-L from front

Treble Sheila Bruce, 2. Ann Davies, 3. Angela M. Darvill, 4. Patricia M.Newton 5. John C. Davidge, 6. James White, 7. Matthew R. Johnson (C) 8. Kenneth J. Darvill 9. Robert H. Newton Tenor Tom Davies

Second Place – Vale of White Horse Branch (62 faults)

Team in ringing order R-L from front, clockwise.

Treble Cheryl A. Watson, 2. Lucy Laird, 3. Joe Norton, 4. Sarah J. Green, 5. Daniel J. Watson, 6. Erica J. Crabtree, 7. Jonathan D. Wright, 8. Nicola A. Roberts, 9. Anthony J. Crabtree(C) Tenor Julian T. Watson

Third Place – Reading Branch (64 faults)

Band in ringing order R-L from front.
Treble June Wells, 2. John Wells, 3.Stephen Smith II, 4. Giles Winter 5. Robert Partridge, 6. James Champion 7. Elizabeth Evans 8. Colin Cairns 9. Douglas Beaumont (C) Tenor David Bardwell.

2021 Competition

Click this link for the full report.

2021 Certificates

1st Place – East Berks & South Bucks Branch


Front R-L back L-R in ringing order:
Treble, Patricia M. Newton, 2. Angela M. Darvill 3. Charles M. S. Botting 4. Kenneth J. Darvill, 5. John C. Davidge 6. Matthew R. Johnson (c) 7. James White 8. David R. Cox 9. Robert H. Newton, Tenor Martin T. Whitaker

2nd Place – Reading Branch


Front row R-L then back row L-R
Treble, June Wells (c) 2. Elizabeth Evans 3. Jenny Page 4. John Wells 5. Robert Partridge 6. Colin Cairns 7. James Champion 8. Giles Winter 9. Doug Beaumont 10. David Bardwell

3rd Place – Newbury Branch


Front row R-L then back row L-R in ringing order
Treble, Jenny Jones 2. Rachel Backhouse 3. Eleanor Rice 4. Mike Winterbourne 5. Imogen Sculthorp 6. John Kape 7. Mark Robins (c) 8. John Manley 9. Mark Backhouse Tenor, Martin Rice.