Shiplake Ringing Center

Welcome to the Shiplake Ringing Centre

Recognised as a Ringing Centre and Recipient of a Founders’ Company Grant in 2002

Recipient of Founders’ Ringing Centre National Award in 2006

A Ringing Centre is a tower or organisation which is a recognised centre of good practice in the promotion and teaching of bell ringing, the teaching of ringing tutors, and of leadership in bell ringing, and to spreading good practice to other towers.

The Shiplake Ringing Centre is based at St Peter and St Paul in Shiplake and focuses on the ringers from the Reading Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers.

The Centre holds a variety of activities in conjunction with the local branch including monthly advanced 8 bell practices, and training days.

The Centre also teaches students from the adjacent Shiplake College and new recruits from adjacent towers.