North Stoke – St Mary Virgin



Ring of 3 bells (7½ cwt / ~380kg) in the key of Bb


OS map ref. SU 609862 (map 175)
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Ground floor ring.

Service ringing

None – unringable.  It is reported that the bells have not been rung for several years.

Practice ringing

None – unringable.

Belfry fittings

Anti-clockwise ring.  There are canons on the 2nd and 3rd bells.

Bell details

No. Weight  cwt qr lb Note Date Cast Founder
1 5-0-0 D 1636 Ellis Knight I
2 6-0-0 C 1601 Joseph Carter
3 7-2-0 Bb 1727 Oliver Cor


Dame Clara Butt (1872-1936) is buried in the churchyard, near to the fence stile behind the church.
She was a contralto for whom Edward Elgar composed and The Dream of Gerontius.  Her grave is inscribed:

With her whole heart she sang songs,
and loved him that made her.

The tower joined the Reading Branch on 10th February 2007.