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These websites have been chosen so that ringers or potential ringers may see the variety of resources available. It is by no means an exhaustive list but is sure to give the "novice" or potential learner a good introduction to the art of Church Bell Ringing; and a quick link to those areas containing useful information for the more experienced.

Please note that the Oxford Diocesan Guild is not responsible for the content of any external website that these links may take you to.

The links open in the same window so to return to the Guild website please just use your browsers BACK button.

Oxford Diocesan Guild website

This is main ODG website, home of the definitive information about the Guild and its branches.

Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers

This is the online version of Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers, the definitive source for information about rings of bells since the first printed edition appeared in 1950. The site provides full-featured searching, links to mapping facilities to show the exact location of towers, satellite navigation data, and details of changes to entries as they occur. Its scope has been extended by the addition of data for individual bells as a step towards a prototype National Bell Register.

CCCBR Methods Committee

This is the Methods Committee website, home of the definitive Central Council method collections. The collections are available in different formats, so take a moment to decide which one you need.

The Central Council's Ringing Bibliography

Books about Bell Ringing

The Central Council's Ringing Bibliography with links to other books and reading matter. e.g. John Ketteringham Books

The Central Council's Ringing Bibliography

Central Council Collection of Peal Compositions

The Central Council's Ringing Bibliography

Central Council Collection of Quarter Peal Compositions

Great War Memorial Book of Church Bell Ringers

Great War Memorial Book of Church Bell Ringers

This book is maintained by the Central Council; the linked page is for the Oxford Diocesan Guild.

The Ringing World

The Ringing World is the official journal of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

Campanophile - by Anne Carpenter & Tony Parry

The corporate headquarters of this site are in W´┐Żrenlingen, Switzerland. Here you will find a list of various ringing events and "blogs" from ringers across the world.

Change Ringing Resources - by Roger Bailey

A large range of ringing resources from many different areas, including compositions, computing, and publications for the discerning ringer.

CCBR Bell Recordings and Videos

Bell Recordings - by John Ketteringham and others

Now maintained by the CCCBR. Switch on your PC speakers and turn up the volume to get the best results.

Peal Records - by William Hall

This site provides details of all peals rung since 1985. It was conceived and implemented by William J Hall, a Staffordshire ringer, who devoted a huge amount of effort during his lifetime to its creation and maintenance. It is now maintained by the Ringing World.

On-line Method Database

This database lives on the site and users can get to it through these pages. Computer programs can also access the database directly. The database lists all methods rung to date.

Visual Method Archive

Visual Method Archive

The Visual Method Archive allows you to search and view blue lines. You can also use it to check if a method has been rung and named, and to edit place notations to try and create new methods.

Abel Ringing Simulator

Ringing Simulator

Abel is the most popular change ringing simulator in the world, for both home and tower use. This version is the latest in a line of bellringing simulator programs which started with Abel 1 running under DOS, back in 1993. Abel runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Windows Vista. Over 3500 copies of Abel have been sold for use on Windows PCs, and ringers bought more than 1500 copies of the old DOS version too. All profits from the sale of Abel go to charities, including bell restoration.

Saxilby Simulators

Saxilby Simulators

Church bell ringing simulators have been around for a long time now and their use as an important training tool is widely accepted. Besides being great fun, time spent ringing on a simulator greatly aids the development of listening skills and allows a person to get more practice (and with a perfect band) than can ever be achieved in a conventional practice night environment.

BBC Bells On Sunday

BBC Bells on Sunday

Hear the weekly radio broadcast of bells across the UK.

The Keltek Trust: Bell Founders & Hangers

The Keltek Trust: Bell Founders & Hangers

A useful link providing details on bell hanging, repairs and refurbishments

The Keltek Trust

The Keltek Trust

The Trust helps churches to acquire surplus and/or redundant bells to hang for English-style full-circle ringing.

National Bell Register

National Bell Register

Available here are lists of bells in the forty-three dioceses of the Church of England. As such the lists are intended to complement the Dove database, rather than compete with it.

MAking a Difference

Material from ODG's Making a Difference workshop


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