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AGM 2023 Report

Morning activities and 8-bell striking competition

  • The morning consisted of various open towers along with the Balscote ring and White’s of Appleton bell hangers workshop being open.
  • The 8 bell striking competition was held at Broadwell, a newly rehung and augmented ring in the Witney and Woodstock Branch. The location for this was absolutely stunning. Refreshments and a delicious ploughman’s lunch were in the barn, just across the field from the Church. The Stallpit mini-ring was also available throughout the morning and afternoon. Such a lot of work had gone into the day by the Witney and Woodstock branch.

7 teams (out of a possible 15) took part in the 8 bell striking competition ringing 210 changes (5 courses) of Erin Triples. The judges were from Bristol – Colin Newman, Matt Jerome and Anna Sherwood. They said it was difficult to ring without mistakes but the overall quality was good. The three judges all agreed on the scores:

Team Comments Faults Team Placed
A Peal speed of 3hr 6, strong confident start, some methods mistakes but a good 4th course 45 Banbury Branch 5th
B Peal speed of 3hr 4, shaky start, some inconsistent leading  and mistakes 54 Oxford City 7th
C Peal speed of 3hr 6, grew in confidence. No faults. Accurate. 25 Newbury Branch 1st
D Peal speed of 3hr 1, solid structure. Excellent 4th and 5th course 27 Reading Branch 2nd
E Peal speed of 3hr 8, back bells worked well together. Consistent trips 43 North Bucks Branch 3rd
F Peal speed of 2hr 57, ambitious pace. Faults occurred, 4th & 5th courses were good 53 Vale of White Horse 6th
G Peal speed of 2hr 57, good rhythm, mistake in the third course. 4th & 5th courses were good 44 EBSB 4th


  • The documents/reports for the AGM can be found via the following links:


  • The formal AGM took place starting with an opening prayer.
  •  After this the obituaries were read out.

A minute’s silence was held.

The formal minutes will be prepared and made available at a later date.

  •  Thanks were given again to the branch for arranging the event, including Andrew Goldthorpe and especially to Paul and Annabelle who had allowed the use of their home.
  •  The meeting then ended. Ringing continued followed by the service and ringing until 5pm.

Cheryl Watson

VOWH Branch Representative.