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Witney & Woodstock Branch 6-bell Striking CompetitionOn Saturday 18th June, Freeland hosted the 2022 branch 6-bell striking competition. Our disappointment with …2022/06/20Striking competitions2022-06-20 15:49:18
Ringing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in the ODG, 1st- 5th June 2022.Ringers across the Guild have rung their bells in villages, towns and the City of …2022/06/14Events, Latest News2022-06-14 15:11:00
NOYE’S FLUDDE AT THE SHELDONIANThe opera “Noye’s Fludde” which retells the story of Noah’s flood by Benjamin Britten is …2022/06/05Handbells2022-06-05 18:16:02
Odd Bob 106The latest digital version of Odd Bob can be seen at this link.2022/06/05Latest News2022-06-05 16:49:12
2022 O.D.G. A.G.M and 8-Bell CompetitionBobbie May’s report on the AGM and the 8-bell striking competition held on Saturday 21st …2022/06/05Latest News2022-06-05 16:11:39
AGM and Eight-Bell CompetitionThe 2022 Guild Annual General Meeting and Eight-Bell Striking Competition will be hosted by the …2022/05/03Latest News2022-05-03 16:25:45
Ringing Day 2nd May 2022This year’s Ringing Day is again supporting the Bell Fund and providing a great day …2022/04/29Latest News2022-04-29 18:15:07
The Literary Works of the late Fred SharpeI thought you would be interested to know that the Whiting Society has now concluded …2022/03/11Latest News2022-03-11 15:40:17
Claire Tarrant Award presented to Keith MitchellI wish to nominate Keith Mitchell for the Claire Tarrant Award. Keith has been an …2022/03/11Chipping Norton Branch2022-03-11 15:29:07
Long Crendon peal rung for accession of Her Majesty The QueenA peal of Grandsire Caters was rung at Long Crendon for the Queen’s accession. View …2022/02/22Peals2022-02-22 16:30:20
Another successful young ringers practice, this time at BrightwellThis month the young ringer practice was at Brightwell – a perfect location for us …2022/02/14Latest News2022-02-14 20:59:12
Young Ringers meet at LongcotIt was a cold bright day when we met in Longcot.  Tony Crabtree had done …2022/01/14Young Ringers2022-01-14 07:04:54
Ten Bell Striking Competition – Amersham, Saturday 27th November 2021With the 6-bell and 8-bell competitions cancelled this year because of Covid, we were all …2021/12/01Latest News, Striking competitions2021-12-01 12:56:01
Old North Berks Branch Ringing School well received by pupilsThe St Helen’s, Abingdon, Saturday morning classes run by Susan Read are going down well! …2021/11/29Training2021-11-29 14:30:35
Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers, Old North Berks Branch Young Ringer Practice, 21 November 2021It was a cold, bright day when we met at Shiplake for the first ONB …2021/11/22Young Ringers2021-11-22 17:09:35
Oxford Diocesan Bell FundAccounts 2019  2021/10/13Bell Fund2021-10-13 13:14:45
A new chapter in the legacy of the first Oxford Diocesan Guild Master, F. E. RobinsonIn the intervening 110 years since his death much has been written about the Revd. …2021/09/27Master's Blog2021-09-27 17:52:56
ART REVIVED!In March 2020, Paul Lewis led the last Association of Ringing Teachers M1 bell handling …2021/09/23ART, Training2021-09-23 11:21:55
ODG Youth Team Win at National Competition in WorcesterWe are  thrilled to report that our ODG Youth Team were placed first in the …2021/09/15Competitions, Young Ringers2021-09-15 11:02:45
Funding ProjectsA new page called “Funding Projects” has been added to the website under the “Information” …2021/09/07Fundraising2021-09-07 17:11:21
Ringing promotion at Wheatley!St Mary’s Church, Wheatley, hosted a Clubs’ and Societies’ Fair where the Wheatley ringers organised …2021/09/07Fundraising, Latest News2021-09-07 16:08:44
New Ringers for Central Bucks BranchIt has been many months since we have been able to present membership certificates to …2021/08/26Young Ringers2021-08-26 10:48:20
Bell Fund Ringing Day 18th September 2021The schedule of towers for the Ringing Day can be downloaded here. Any changes will …2021/08/18Latest News2021-08-18 13:06:30
ODG eBellsThe Guild has acquired a few sets of eBells which are available for loan to …2021/08/17Training2021-08-17 14:41:06
Covid-19 Latest and post-Covid RecoveryCurrent Restrictions Ringing guidance for England for the period from 19 July onwards has been …2021/07/19Covid-19, Latest News2021-07-19 13:25:49
Guild AGM on 15th MayGuild AGM – Saturday 15th May at 5pm via Zoom. All details are here, including …2021/05/19Latest News2021-05-19 11:54:57
A Grand Day Out – ODG Youth Practice – Longcot 25th April 2021A report from Jenny Page ‘Well afternoon if we are going to split hairs’, but …2021/04/28Latest News, Young Ringers2021-04-28 18:47:34
Prince Philip, Duke of EdinburghWe are saddened by the news that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died on 9th …2021/04/12Latest News2021-04-12 10:15:54
Latest PublicationsThe three latest editions of Odd Bob are on the website, including this autumn’s copy …2021/01/24Latest News2021-01-24 15:15:59
Tower TalkRead this special edition of Tower Talk to see some of the fantastic positive stories …2021/01/04Latest News2021-01-04 19:42:54
Christmas Cheer from Steeple AstonChristmas Greetings to all our ODG ringers and families, and special thanks to the Steeple …2020/12/10Latest News, Young Ringers2020-12-10 09:18:55
Farewell to Bishop ColinSunday 4 October was a grey and very wet afternoon made so much more enjoyable …2020/10/05Latest News2020-10-05 19:16:35
ODG Celebrates the 2019 10 bellIt was a damp, grey September evening, not so very different from the 10 Bell …2020/09/21Latest News2020-09-21 15:01:06
Remembering Courage75 years on, in the midst of the pandemic, some ODG ringers were able to …2020/08/29Latest News2020-08-29 10:41:43
News from the Bicester Branch – August 2020Although there’s not too much news these days, it’s good to hear what’s been going …2020/08/29Branches, Latest News2020-08-29 10:22:21
St Helen’s Bells ring again as church reopensIt’s nice to hear positive news of a cautious return to ringing. The article linked …2020/08/03Latest News2020-08-03 15:54:51
Message from the Master – July 2020Four months have passed since lockdown silenced our towers, four months in which much has …2020/07/17Latest News, Master's Blog, Notice2020-07-17 18:36:09
Website updatesOn Tuesday 14th July, a number of changes will be made to the Guild website. …2020/07/14Latest News, Notice2020-07-14 07:07:32
The Mystery BellReaders of the Ringing World may have read Matthew Higby’s article and the subsequent letter …2020/06/07Latest News2020-06-07 18:50:27
ODD BOB issue 102ODD BOB issue 102 is now available, courtesy of Rob Needham. Our young ringers have …2020/05/17Latest News, ODD BOB2020-05-17 18:50:35
AGM 2020The Guild had a very successful virtual AGM on 30th May. All business was completed …2020/05/04AGM, Events, Notice2020-05-04 19:57:11
ODG Six-Bell and Ten-Bell Competition CertificatesThe striking competition certificates are normally presented at the Guild AGM later in May. However, …2020/05/04Events, Latest News, Striking competitions2020-05-04 19:48:13
Our silent bell towers – CCCBRThe Central Council have recently shared the following awareness video on social media. Please …2020/05/04Latest News, Notice2020-05-04 19:38:32
Ringing World YouTube competitionThe Ringing World of last week saw the launch of a YouTube competition that will …2020/05/04Latest News, Notice2020-05-04 19:35:36
Ringing RoomWhat a few weeks it has been. Like everybody else, I had been slowly descending …2020/04/05Latest News2020-04-05 20:27:54
Message from the Guild Master – March 2020How quiet everywhere has become, not just the absence of our beloved bells, there are …2020/03/28Latest News, Master's Blog2020-03-28 18:09:50
February half-term 2020Our latest Young Ringers outing took place in and around Newbury on a chilly February …2020/02/29Young Ringers2020-02-29 21:29:15
Can you help us spread the word?If you can offer your skills on one or more of these topics, please contact …2020/02/12Latest News, Notice2020-02-12 15:46:37
ODG on TwitterAs part of the website update project, I set up an ODG twitter account. At …2020/01/29Latest News, Notice2020-01-29 17:12:05
Young Ringers February half-term outing 2020Young Ringers visit Newbury Branch Wednesday 19th February. Any young ringers from the ODG who …2020/01/28Events, Latest News, Notice, Young Ringers2020-01-28 11:56:45
2020 Leap Year Sponsored RingingThe Oxford Diocesan Bell Fund AGM celebrated its 45th anniversary in September 2019. Since its …2020/01/09Events, Fundraising, Latest News, Notice2020-01-09 15:51:39
Radley Course 2020ODG Radley Course Saturday 4th April 2020. This one day course course will have groups …2020/01/06Events, Latest News, Notice, Training2020-01-06 06:41:05
Young Ringers New Year outing to HorspathOld North Berks Branch of the ODG For the Christmas school holiday outing we visited …2020/01/03Branches, Events, Latest News, Young Ringers2020-01-03 17:02:19
ODG Ten-Bell Course Shrivenham 2nd November 2019Saturday 2nd November at Shrivenham saw an enthusiastic gathering of ringers from across the region. …2019/12/30Events, Latest News, Training2019-12-30 12:50:40
Towers and Belfry Committee Checkendon Maintenance Course 2019It was a lovely sunny blue sky day in the South Oxfordshire village of Checkendon …2019/12/30Events, Latest News, Training2019-12-30 12:30:26
O.D.G. Ten-Bell Competition and General Committee Meeting 2019This year’s events took place in Sonning Deanery beginning with a morning competition at Warfield. …2019/12/02Events, General Committee, Latest News, Striking competitions2019-12-02 16:39:21
Applications open for the 2020 ART AwardsOn behalf of ART The ART Awards continue to grow every year – with over …2019/11/27Latest News, Training2019-11-27 06:48:04
ODD BOB issue 101ODD BOB issue 101 is now available, courtesy of Rob Needham. There’s plenty going on …2019/11/24Latest News, ODD BOB2019-11-24 10:59:48
November message from the Guild MasterFor a long time, I have marked the passing years by the amount of daylight …2019/11/14Latest News, Master's Blog2019-11-14 17:22:34
Safeguarding Guidance – June 2019 updateOn behalf of Alison Hodge, SM Workgroup Lead, Central Council of Church Bell Ringers As …2019/11/04Latest News, Safeguarding2019-11-04 17:02:03
10-Bell course – spaces still available!There are still spaces available on the 10-bell course at Aston Clinton on Saturday 30th …2019/10/30Events, Latest News, Training2019-10-30 19:47:42
General Committee Meeting – November 2019The arrangements for the November 2019 committee meeting are now available. For details, please see …2019/10/30Events, General Committee, Latest News, Papers2019-10-30 19:40:26
ODG 6-Bell Final 2019Article written by Bobbie May ODG 6- Bell Final at Chalfont St Peter on Saturday …2019/10/25Events, Latest News, Striking competitions2019-10-25 14:15:03
Events Update May 2020VE Day Anniversary & ODG Ringing Day The government announced earlier this year that the …2019/10/17AGM, Events, Latest News2019-10-17 14:31:38
Further details for ODG 10-bell coursesFurther details have been announced for the ODG 10-bell courses taking place in November. Book …2019/10/07Events, Latest News, Training2019-10-07 16:46:01
ODG Youth Team Wins National CompetitionBy Colin Newman Following a year of preparation, on Friday 5th July 2019, 10 young …2019/07/06Striking competitions, Young Ringers2019-07-06 20:38:56
News from the Oxford City branchIt’s great to see what is going on around the branches. Look at what has …2019/06/09Branches, Latest News2019-06-09 17:02:02
Oxford Diocesan Guild 8 bell striking competitionArticle and photos by Lindsay Powell The Oxford Diocesan Guild 8 bell competition took place …2019/05/11Events, Latest News, Striking competitions2019-05-11 12:44:10
Auction for bell-themed stained glass windowSome of you will already know about the commissioning of a new stained glass window …2019/05/09Events, Fundraising, Latest News2019-05-09 05:48:14
Young Ringers Fest!Oxford, Saturday 13th April 2019   While the Old North Berks branch holds little outings …2019/05/03Young Ringers2019-05-03 17:25:49
Details of ART Module 2FWhat’s a Module 2F? If your new recruit can safely ring a bell and is …2019/05/03Events, Latest News, Training2019-05-03 17:20:47
AGM details and paperworkDetails for the 2019 AGM are now available. Below are links to the poster, map, …2019/04/24AGM, Events, Latest News, Papers2019-04-24 05:52:09
Ringing on the BBCThis is an article written by John Harrison for the Sonning Deanery Branch Newsletter (Spring …2019/04/21Latest News2019-04-21 16:27:12
First Quarter, aged 13Sara Jones and her father Geraint both started ringing in September 2018. Sara, aged 13, …2019/04/09Latest News, Young Ringers2019-04-09 05:54:28
Eight-bell Striking CompetitionThe 2019 Guild Eight-Bell Striking Competition will be hosted by the North Bucks Branch on …2019/04/05Events, Latest News, Striking competitions2019-04-05 17:44:09
ODG Ringing Day details announcedMonday 6th MAY 2019 Route 1 09.30 Thornborough 5 11-2-23 MK18 2DG SP743336 GF R …2019/03/29Events, Latest News2019-03-29 16:53:00
ODG Young Ringers’ Fest 2019!This is a day’s ringing outing to central Oxford towers.  It is arranged specifically for …2019/03/20Events, Latest News2019-03-20 21:50:04
Making a Difference – Future of Youth RingingAn upcoming ART event – please see the poster below for details. Future of Youth …2019/03/20Young Ringers2019-03-20 21:48:13
Old North Berks Branch is Highly Commended!Last weekend at the ART conference Award Ceremony, we heard that ten applications had been …2019/03/20Latest News2019-03-20 21:41:46
Winter is nearly overWinter seems almost to be over; the birds are beginning to shout at one another …2019/03/20Master's Blog2019-03-20 21:24:16
ONB Young Ringers on TV2019/03/03Latest News, Young Ringers2019-03-03 11:16:50
New Webstie V2.0Welcome to the new website for the Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers. We are …2019/01/06Latest News2019-01-06 17:34:34