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Acknowledgements and Copyright


The information for many parts of the History section on this website was compiled and by Kate and David Crennell.

The Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers (ODG) Publicity Officer at the time was Bobbie May. Bobbie has driven hundreds of miles photographing churches and has persuaded many ODG members to send us photographs and details of their towers.

The referees nominated by the ODG to oversee the creation of the original CD project from which a lot of the information has been taken to create these web pages were:

Tony Crabtree, Alan Griffin, Bobbie May, Lorna Smale and Tim Pett.

We greatly appreciated their various skills in correcting the information,especially Alan Griffin, who has taken on the enormous task of proof reading
the almost one thousand files.

Many other members of the ODG have contributed to this work. We are particularly grateful to Branch Secretaries, Ringing Masters and tower captains who have helped us with local information on tower facilities.

Tower correspondents help is acknowledged on the pages describing their tower. We wish to thank the following individuals who have made contributions to
many towers:

  • The Guild Librarian, Doug Beaumont, for his patience and the loan of reference works about bells.
  • Reverend David Birt for his list of churches which he has visited in his capacity as clocks advisor to the Oxford Diocesan Advisory Committee.
  • Andrew Bull for details of bell weights, gear etc, in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.
  • Christopher J N Dalton for bell data of Waddesdon, Bucks.
  • George A. Dawson for the list of ‘Listed bells’ and some weights of bells in Bucks.
  • Chris McKay of the Antiquarian Horological Society for information about turret clocks
  • Chis Pickford for details of bell weights, gear etc, particularly in Buckinghamshire
  • Tony Wood of the British Sundial Society provided us detailed information on the mass dials in the Diocese.
  • Rachael Sherlaw-Johnson for her design of the background picture for the Front Cover of the insert for the CD case. She holds the copyright for this picture.

We also also grateful to the following organisations who have generously given us permission to reproduce parts of their publications in this work.

The Sharpe Trustees

The Sharpe Trustees website

These manage two charitable trusts set up following the death of Frederick Sharpe who wrote many books about bells. We are grateful to them for giving us permission to use information taken from his books for this work.

These are mainly the inscriptions on older bells. We also give page numbers in the books for particularly interesting bells of historical interest.

The Sharpe Trusts were described in ‘The Ringing World’ June 11, 2004 page 559 where contact details can be found for those who want further
information about the Trusts.

Copies of some of the books are still available, contact John Baldwin via the Sharpe Trustees website for ordering details.

To view the Sharpe Collection in Oxford contact Tim Pett, 20 St. Amand Drive, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 5RQ.

© Sources of information, Copyright holders and Copying

The list of towers was made by combining information from
the ODG Guild report for 2002, the
ODG Web site as it was in October 2003 and that from Dovemaster for the counties of Oxon, Berks and Bucks. Some extra towers were found in the
Dovemaster list of 3 bell towers. These were included because there is an active ‘3 and 4 bell towers’ society who may want to visit ODG

We have also collected information from the Oxford Diocese website, the ODG, its branches and tower websites and consulted many

Some towers where the bells used to be hung for full-circle ringing have been rehung for chiming only; details are stored on the Internet on the
Keltek Trust website, look at the ‘Lost Rings’ page.

Some inscriptions and bell weights on older bells have been copied by permission of the Sharpe Trustees from F.Sharpe’s books of
the church bells of Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Ringing World

Newbury Town Hall has 3 bells for its clock. RW Jan9, 2004 p28.

Copyright Owners of images and other information

Images available through this website have been reduced in size.

(listed in alphabetical order of

  • anon this image may be freely copied
  • [KB] Kay Bartholomew
  • [JB] Jonathan Beale
  • Alan Bentley Aston Clinton
  • [DB] David Body Stewkley
  • [PB] Peter Bridle
  • [BB] Bill Butler, Thatcham
  • [DC] David Cornwall, Hughenden
  • [KMC] Kate Crennell, ‘Greytops’, The Lane, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, OX11 0SE.
  • Judith Crockford, Fringford
  • [CC]Cyril Crouch, Shiplake
  • [BJC] Brian Curtis
  • Alan Griffin Bloxham
  • [DH] Doug Hird North Bucks
  • [JH] Jeremy Holland Asthall
  • [CJ] Christine Jones
  • [DK] David Kelly, Keltec Trust
  • [KG] Kathryn Grant, Islip
  • [CMAL] Katie Lane
  • [OL] Olive Lawrence Brightwell Baldwin
  • [PM] Pamela Marson
  • [BM] Bobbie May
  • [VP] Vital Peeters
  • [MQ] Mike Quantick
  • Stan Scott Easthampstead drew the line pictures of towers and kindly gave his permission for us to reproduce them.
  • [KNS] Ken Smale
  • [JS] Jon Stockham
  • [DV] David Vince, Leckhampstead
  • [EW] Eunice Wark, Tilehurst
  • [BW] Brian White, Whites of Appleton Ltd
  • [SZ] Serge Zvegintzov, Iffley

Copying from this Website

Persons wishing to use any of this information in their own publications or for commercial gain should contact the ODG Central Council Representative.