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Helpful documents, links, and videos

  • Emergency Lighting 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Correcting Odd-struckness 
  • Clapper Bush Wear 
  • Friendly Rope End Drier 
  • ODG Sound Control Booklet
  • Link to St Martin’s Guild Tower Movement Seminar
  • The Stewardship & Management – CCCBR page of the CCCBR website has lots of advice on tower infrastructure, tower operation and major projects.
  • The CCCBR Stewardship & Management Workgroup have released Belfry Upkeep, an online document created with the help our Tony Crabtree aimed at the Steeple Keeper – the person responsible for keeping the bells in order. The aims of the document are:
    • To help you understand the installation in your tower
    • To describe the checks you should carry out to identify any problems
    • To advise you on the maintenance tasks that you should be able to carry out, possibly with expert advice or assistance
    • Most importantly, to help you recognise the tasks that require specialist knowledge from a Bell Hanger or other expert

    The document can be found at

  • Video clip taken on a recent T&B Maintenance Course – Note that the people in the belfry were at a safe distance and in no danger from the swinging bell. All the other bells were down.