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Latest Graduate from Oxon Ringing School

Last week’s Foundation practice at Witney was attended by four ringers at Learning the Ropes Level 2.

We practiced Full Pull and Stand, a full set of call changes for the Witney Branch Striking Competition called by Laura, “Twister”, “Twinkle twinkle Little Star”, Mexican Wave short places, more call changes called by Debra and “Big change, little change”.

At the end Laura received her LTR L1 certificate. Well done Laura!

Laura stated her appreciation of Oxon Ringing School with the following comments:

Bell ringing school has been very helpful because when I got to the school I was barely putting both strokes together. I got to experience new bells and also got to see different points of views from other ringing teachers. It is good that I could see different people teaching it in different ways. I want to thank everyone who helped me over the last couple of months.

Laura receiving her ART LTR Level 1 certificate

Steve Vickars, Kirtlington Ringing Centre