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ODG Celebrates the 2019 10 bell

It was a damp, grey September evening, not so very different from the 10 Bell Striking Competition day in November 2019, when we were at last able to present the certificates to the winning bands.

Then we were still permitted to meet outside in groups of fewer than 30 and Stuart’s garden and capacious carport provided the ideal venue, despite his home not being included on Dove so that one or two ringers got, just a little bit, off course and had to be guided in.

However, once assembled, there were smiles all round as all the ringers in the winning Reading Branch band, and a good representation from EBSB and Sonning Deanery enjoyed a socially distanced evening together with pizza, chocolate brownies and beer.

Just for a short while it felt comfortingly like normal and it was such a pleasure to see familiar life-sized faces (and bodies)!

A special thank you to Stuart and Naomi Gibson for their hospitality, food beer and sanitising station!

Colin Newman , Reading Branch team organiser
Colin Newman , Reading Branch team organiser