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Ringing for the death of the Queen and the accession of the King

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

In an age of instant, easy communications it was the centuries old tradition of ringing bells throughout our Guild, the country and across the world, that communicated in the villages, towns and cities, the nation’s mourning for Queen Elizabeth and the proclamation of King Charles III.

As soon as the Operation London Bridge became live, steeple keepers and ringers of the ODG marked both occasions, muffling bells, mustering bands, the old, the young, the experienced and the new recruits, often travelling between towers to make sure that our bells were heard far and wide.

The haunting sound of muffled bells, the single tolling by a lone ringer, the very public performance in prominent locations created a soundscape that reflected the joy and sorrow of The Queen’s remarkable, long reign and proclaimed the new monarch.

It was a superb effort which was appreciated by many people; bell ringers certainly contributed to the occasion in a unique and unforgettable way.

There were 488 ODG performances uploaded to BellBoard involving 209 towers (including some single bell towers and a mini ring) and 7 handbell locations.

Most were muffled or half-muffled and there were at least 92 with the footnote for the Proclamation of King Charles III.

There were:-

  • 415 pieces of general ringing or tolling
  • 61 quarter peals (in 50 towers)
  • 6 quarter peals in hand
  • 2 peals in hand
  • 4 peals in 4 towers

We have published a downloadable spreadsheet at this link.

Katie Lane (Master) and Tony Crabtree (Deputy Master)