8 Bell striking competition between Reading and Sonning Branch

On Saturday 20th January the annual 8 Bell striking competition between Reading and Sonning Branch took place, hosted by Reading Branch at St. Michael’s Tilehurst.

Reading entered 2 teams, one from St Mary’s Reading and one Branch Team.  Sonning entered 3 teams, one from All Saints Wokingham, one from Arborfield and Sonning, and one from Hurst.

Once all had rung the judges, Robert and Patricia Newton from High Wycombe gave the results.  Hurst was a “learner” band and runs 250 changes of rounds.  All Saints rang 252 changes (including 1 minute of rounds) of Grandsire Triples.  Reading Branch rang 238 changes including 210 of Grandsire Triples.  Arborfield and Sonning rang 284 changes of Plain Bob Triples, being 3 plain courses.  Finally, Reading St. Mary rang 242 changes including 210 of Grandsire Triples.

Because of the difference in number of changes rang, the judges gave the results as “faults per 100 changes”.  The results being:-

1st Reading Branch  18.3 faults

2nd Reading St Marys 24 faults

3rd All Saints Wokingham 41.5 faults

4th Arborfield and Sonning 43 faults

5th Hurst 73.2 faults

So Reading Branch we’re very pleased to be the top 2 teams.

It was a very sociable and enjoyable morning with a good opportunity to mix with the Sonning branch and we look forward to the next competition to be hosted by Sonning branch in November.

Above are photos of the winning team (anti-clockwise from front left) and the presentation of the Trophy by Robert and Pat Newton to Giles Winter, Chair of the Reading Branch and conductor of the Reading Branch Team.

The Reading Branch Team

1 Josie Irving – Goring

2 Nicola Roberts – Goring

3 Jenny Page – Caversham

4 Robert Partridge – Shiplake

5 Elizabeth Evans – Tilehurst

6 Doug Beaumont – Caversham

7 Giles Winter – Tilehurst (Conductor)

8 Colin Cairns – Tilehurst