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Young Ringers Award

A new Young Ringers Award Scheme is under development. 



Legacy Scheme

If so, you can enter the award scheme, which is designed to encourage and recognise young ringers’ achievements. The scheme runs for a year (April to March) with the awards based on each participant’s achievement and progress throughout the year, and they will be presented at the Guild AGM in May 2018.

There are three levels of award: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each participant is assessed independently, and may achieve an award at any level. (In 2016 there were 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze awards.) Each award winner receives a small prize. In addition, there is a shield for the most impressive over all achievement.

Awards will be based on a combination of factors:

  • Ringing skill and personal development (taking account of opportunity and level of prior capability)
  • Service to the local band(s)
  • Contribution to the wider community (both the ringing community and the non-ringing community)
  • Breadth of interest and knowledge (awareness and understanding of ringing-related topics)
  • Depth of knowledge and/or expertise (in any aspect)

These headings are intentionally broad, so if you participate you still have the freedom to develop in your own way. The scheme recognises good all-rounders as well as those who excel in a particular area. For example, as well as personal ringing performance, it takes account of things like conducting, ringing handbells, holding a tower office, maintaining a ring of bells, organising branch activities, teaching other people, exploring ringing history or promoting ringing to the public. Above all, the scheme seeks to recognise and encourage those who show initiative and promise to make a significant contribution to ringing.

Assessment is based on the evidence of activities and achievements that you submit at the end of the year. This should include a logbook, and anything else you wish to offer (in any suitable format, eg written, audio, video, web, …) The content will need to be verified by a tower captain and/or other appropriate persons.

During the year, the Guild will organise some events for all participants. It will be necessary for you, in conjunction with your tower captain, to find someone suitable to act as a mentor and to provide advice and guidance, but it will be up to you to decide what challenges to set yourself, and how much effort to put into meeting them.

You can download more information (in PDF format), or the documents are available separately below:

Award Scheme (a fuller description, including how awards will be assessed)

Diary (One way of recording what you have done during the year)

Mentor Notes

Skill Sheet(A way of recording what you can do now and at the end of the year)

Applications for the 2017-2018 scheme will be invited early in 2017